Lady America Is Drowning in the Swimming Pool of Sin

I see America as a drowning woman.

It was the great Chinese Christian apostle and martyr, Watchman Nee, who said the following. Mankind will always come to God as the last resort. He will try everything and anything before submitting his life to the lordship of Jesus Christ. A man who is drowning will flay his arms and legs in desperation. If someone tries to rescue him at this point, the drowning man will pull the rescuer down along with him. We must wait until the man loses consciousness and then pull him out of the waters.

America is flaying her arms and legs in the waters of sin; the consequence of rejecting God. She is still trying many things to save her. I say that the price of sin is in the trillions and trillions of dollars. But America would rather continue to pay it than to come to the one who has the power to destroy the sinful nature. The solution to the budget crisis is the repentance of man in Christ, the destruction of the sinful nature and transformation in Christ. The greed and selfishness of man who brought the financial crisis, will then begin to renovate itself from a transformed heart.

For man to even think of doing this, he must fall unconscious in the drowning waters and then Christ can rescue him.

I believe that America is slowly getting to this point. Everybody is trying to find themselves in many identities, when a man’s actualized and genuine identity can only be found in Christ.

For now, I will continue to pray, preach, love and wait until people really lose their consciousness in the flooding waters of sin.

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