Heterosexuality vs Homosexuality: What Does The Holy Spirit Think?

Jesus Christ has blessed my life with people.  For thirty two years I’ve prayed for many in the power of the Holy Spirit.  I have prophesied to hundreds, prayed for hundreds sick and demonized, and participated in hundreds of meetings.  I’ve eaten caviar with the rich, reindeer with Eskimos, green chile with Pueblo Indians, fry bread with Navajos, milk and potato with Maasais, tilapia with the Luos (Mr. Obama’s tribe) goat with Kikuyus, and meat with the Congolese. I have been in mansions, cow dung manatas, the adobe homes of Pueblo Indians, the mud shacks of remote Tanzania, Navajo hogans, and the mosquito nets of Mombasa. I have preached in English, Spanish, and have had my English translated to Greek and the Greek to Swahili, Maasai, Kikuyu, Luo, Kamba, Congolese and Ugandan.

So what have I learned about the Holy Spirit as I present Him to humanity?

Homosexuality is molding an indelible fingerprint upon society.  Homosexuals hid in the proverbial closet of guilt and shame. Upon coming out, the church freaked, believing that morality was doomed. I was one of them. Homosexuals sensed the church’s rejection and became hostile to it. The conflict still brews.

So what is the Holy Spirit’s take on heterosexuality or homosexuality?

We call the none racially prejudiced, “color blind.”  The Holy Spirit is “people blind’.  Heterosexuality, homosexuality, Catholicism, Protestantism, Democrats and Republicans are labels which people create.  The Holy Spirit has no labels. To Him, people are people. He loves them all with an individualized intense passion. He is called the “hound of heaven” seeking and searching to bring humanity to His loving arms.

There are very few humans whom are not captivated by the sheer force of love, joy, and liberty demonstrated in the Holy Spirit’s power. Every one I’ve met speaks the language of love, joy, freedom and tender hearted care. Every person loves laughter and fun. Everybody, enjoys the good joke, and wants the good times.

I ministered in many an African meeting where folk did not know a lick of what I said. When the Holy Spirit shows up in power and glory, everyone suddenly understands. Interpreters are not needed. Everybody comes to be touched by Him. I stretch out my hands and need not to to speak. The same in Navajo land. The same in Tanzania, Alaska or Uganda, and the same in a Coral Gables mansion.

The Holy Spirit is the funnest, happiest and “in a good mood” Person I know. He enjoys having fun, healing, setting free, pouring out blessings, and bringing folks to the truth.

I don’t care who I minister to. If it’s a gay or a straight, the liberal, the conservative, the Catholic or Protestant, the child, or the ancient. It’s the person whom the Holy Spirit electrifies with His power.  Everybody loves it. Everybody wants more of it. Little kids who fall under the glory want to feel it again and again. The Adventist is mesmerized by God’s power and wants to get repeatedly zapped. The homosexual who is slained by the Spirit jumps up hugging and thanking the one who prayed for him. The Catholic who never felt God wants an hour of prayer.  Jesus said that if He is lifted up, He draws every human to His Presence.

Dr. Lawton Smith was a magnificent Christian. A renowned ophthalmologist, a formidable Bible teacher, and a loving human being, he recently died while evangelizing. He would say to the church; “less saluting and more shooting.”

We, the body of Christ, should do less saluting by legislating morality and more shooting of the Holy Spirit’s power.

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