Is America Becoming a Third World Nation?

I spent six years living and travelling to East Africa. There is a revival of religion there.  Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda are full of folks clamoring for God.  Uganda is experiencing a revival with pre-teen and teens.  I’ve held Bible conferences in Kenya which were translated from Greek to English to Maasai.  Parts of my audience were teenagers. There were no video games, skating rinks or pizza parties for them.

Youths in Tanzania worshiped God in an utterly dark church, after the only kerosene lamp was taken by me, their invited guest.  Aged men in tie and shirt rode six hours on bicycles to come to my conferences.  Maasais walked on foot, ate corn mush and spinach for five days, while sleeping on barren floors to hear God’s word.  Children worshipped the Creator at four am to a generator powered keyboard because it was a luxury to have both power and a keyboard. The airport gates to Kenya in Amsterdam and London are peppered with souls, heads down, buried in Bibles.

Why such a phenomena? Why is my going forth between Africa and America like jumping from Pluto to Saturn?  Why are Africans so physically poor and spiritually rich, while Americans are physically rich but so spiritually poor?

I asked a Kenyan pastor on my way to Nairobi, “Why is Kenya experiencing a revival?”  Nonchalantly, he replied, “Why, when God brought us to nothing, that is when the revival started.”

I gaze at the Westernized nations and exclaim, “My God, there is so much physical abundance, yet so much spiritual poverty!”  Then I look at every nation where revivals of religions are exploding.  Most of them live in physical poverty!

Is the strategy to revival becoming a third world country?  Does human nature only respond to a loving God in the midst of calamities, disasters and poverty? This deeply saddens me as it does God, who would not want it so. God longs people to enjoy Him and His goodness at all times. In times of plenty, He desires for people to keep close to Him and thank Him.  It seems though, that humanity not only forgets the God who bestows the blessings of prosperity, but does everything to get Him out of its life.

The signification of mercy is to love somebody enough, as not leave him or her in a condition which is injurious.  God’s mercy to America is that He will not leave us in the mess that we are in, under no circumstance. He loves us too much!   I mean, any good parent will do anything to take their kid out of the mess which they have made, won’t they?

America is still too asleep on its pillows of iPods, cell phones and videos.  What will it take a merciful God to revive us?  Will He do what He did in Kenya? Will He bring us to nothing? Will America become a third world country?  Look around and ask yourself.

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