Revivalists, Mentors, Seminar Teachers and More

Emerging, Inc. crafts customized Bible seminars from expositional materials as an enhancement to your ministry’s needs.

We are also revivalists and fire starters.

Jose is an apostolic Bible teacher who has spent twenty-four years studying Scriptures in their original languages of Hebrew and Greek.

In an apostolic sense, God uses Jose to demonstrate the Biblical patterns and foundations to the local church.

His passion is to take the precision of the Bible in its original languages and convey it in a simple way relevant to the 21st century believer.

We discuss the goals of your church and create a seamless “tailored made” seminar just for you.

We travel out to your ministry anywhere in the world.

Finally, our ministry operates prophetically, in signs and wonders, and the gifts of healings.

Please contact us at (305) 299-0633.

Thank you,

Jose and Mary


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