America and the Islamic Rats

This vision was given about two years ago!

Last night in prayer God gave me a vision of the USA. I could see what were many narrow tunnels burrowed into and below the surface of the land in an area of the country. Perplexed at first by these slender excavations, I then saw rats making their way into the depths of the country through these passageways. I was reminded that in places like New York City rats live in the cavernous and unseen sewers of the city.

The vision then was altered to where I observed a large colony of rats probably about 100 of them now congregating together deep in a large crevice beneath the land. These were the ones who had successfully dug through the slender burrows from the surface of our great nation. They were in constant interaction, what seemed at times like arguments, other like reprimands and corrections and other like whispered planning.

In the midst of all of this contestations, there arose from their midst what was a rat with an Islāmic cap.

The vision further progressed so that this Islāmic rat obtained what appeared to be a fork. He pushed the fork prongs up through the ground and out through the surface of the country. As the fork emerged through the exterior I saw American people. They all looked like clones. They were fat, pot-bellied, totally out of shape, lethargic, balding and “couch potato” looking men. More than the physical nature of these folks, God’s declaration of them was one of total un discernment, unawareness, foolishness and ignorance to what was going on. They were all in a sitting type of posture, though I could not see chairs. The sitting position describes a further lack of alertness and readiness. This is God’s description of the average American in the year 2009!

The rat underneath the ground with the protruding fork stabbed the first man from his behind, lifted him up and moved him stealthily away from where he was, to another place. The man did not recognize what occurred. As he was lifted up by the fork he kept his sitting position intact and where the fork placed him again, he remained unaware and in the same sitting position. The Islamic rat and his underground cohorts repeated this action with a number of the cloned people moving them successfully from one place to another. Finally a space had been cleared out on the land. The rat emerged out into the open with his Islamic cap and what appeared to be a tablet of paper and a pencil and was writing. He was instituting Islamic doctrine and law in the USA.

Folks, the time is here. This vision from the Lord tells us what is already happening. The tunnels have been dug. The rats are beneath and underneath in the created sewers of our arrogance, and the rejection of God’s guidance and laws. In my burdened state I asked the Lord what to do. He told me that our intercession would begin to excavate into the tunnels made by these rats until their diabolical plan could be revealed. I felt that the work would not be easy. This is a great and urgent calling to the Body of Christ from the Lord Himself

The fact that Jesus is revealing His secret means that we are being forewarned about that .

Am 3:7 Certainly, the Almighty LORD doesn’t do anything unless he first reveals his secret to his servants the prophets.


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