Nino De Santis: A Christmas Prayer Miracle Story

For anyone who does not believe that there is a personal God who is interested in the affairs of people, I have a great Christmas story for you.

This is the story of my friend Nino De Santis.

Nino is the father of Maria Passwaters, a friend of 25 years to our family.

Exactly twenty-four hours ago, I received a phone call from Maria’s cousin Nathalie Duclos in Montreal, Canada. The Passwaters family is spending their Christmas vacation in Montreal, Canada.

Nathalie told me that Nino De Santis was in ICU, unconscious and in extremely critical condition. Nino was suffering from a septic infection that had gone into his blood stream from an infected bladder. A lodged kidney stone prevented the strongest of antibiotics from reaching the infection. His blood pressure had dropped dangerously low. The doctors’ had Nino on the most comprehensive of life support systems and were administering to him the most potent of antibiotics.

The doctors met with the Passwaters last night and told them that Nino’s condition was extremely critical and that it would behoove them to assemble the family.

In Miami, we immediately put Nino on three prayer chains and on Facebook and Google Plus. Literally, there have been dozens praying for him.

This morning his condition was critical but his blood pressure had risen and was stabilized.

When the Passwaters got to the hospital, Nino who was still not awake, could respond with nods to his daughter’s voice.

Tonight, the hospital called Maria to tell her that Nino had woken up and his body was responding well to the medication, because the medication was not working yesterday. They have taken him off the life support, and have removed his breathing tube.

Even in Montreal, the doctors and nurses are astounded, calling this a miracle.

Not neglecting the excellent care that the doctors have given to Nino, no one can doubt that the hand of Almighty God has moved on behalf of the many who have prayed in the last 24 hours.

We want to thank God Almighty, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

We want to thank the doctors and nurses who ministered medically to Nino.

Finally, we want to thank the many who have aggressively prayed in the last 24 hours.

Let us not forget this Christmas prayer miracle story, how much God loves us, and how intensely engrossed He is with each of us.

Talk to Him and unload your deepest needs and burdens. He truly cares!!


6 thoughts on “Nino De Santis: A Christmas Prayer Miracle Story

  1. Nino, for God, says the greatest gift was born and I knew he would not allow you to die yet. Remember by Jesus strife/sickness/sins forgiven/diseases you were made to be healed. I know by the greater love of God, that save us from death. He have spoken to your heart, mind, body, and soul now “Fire up Holy Ghost”, put on that strong testimony (Lazarus), I call you out of the tomb God, said also to your soul/spirit whom renew down those walls and you have continual greater higher “Praise” from the heart spoken out loud to God. Amen!


  2. Wonderful to hear of the improvement! Praise God!! Something else that enhances the antibiotic is a product called silver sol (not colloidal). Can be obtained at GNC or a vitamin shop. Google it to see amazing cures.


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