The Flagstaff / Navajo Revival 2012

Since returning from Africa, our ministry, Safari Through the Word Ministries, has been involved locally in Miami, Florida.

We became Assistant Pastors at our church, Doral Vineyard.

In these last three years we have assisted with the establishment of this growing work, under the leadership of Ralph and Cathy Gomez.

We knew that as this work progressed, the Lord would also resume the “teaching and signs & wonders” revival ministry that Mary and I have been called to.

We share a burden to see revival come to the USA. Without revival, the prospects for America to continue as a godly nation incessantly dim.

I believe that in 2012, our ministry will be embarking on trips across the nation, in the work of revival, as we continue pastoring at Doral Vineyard.

Our first trip is scheduled to Flagstaff, Arizona, projected from February 15th through the 20th.

Flagstaff is part of the Navajo Nation. I sensed ten years ago that revival could commenced with the Native Nations based on God’s principle that the “last shall be first.”

Amongst the 550 Native Nations, the Navajos are one of the most receptive to the gospel.

We are scheduled to have four days of meetings at the Little America Hotel in the heart of Flagstaff. The meetings will be advertised through Arizona and New Mexico, by the Navajo Nation’s biggest newspaper, The Navajo Times.

We have placed a sizable deposit on our conference and hotel rooms, at The Little America Hotel.

We have also placed our advertisement with the Navajo Times and the Arizona Daily Sun.

Mary and I are in need of approximately $1200.00 for our airplane tickets.

The reason why the prices are so high is that only US Airways flies into Flagstaff from Florida as well as Flagstaff is a small city.

Would you then prayerfully consider partnering with us financially in what is a commencement of revival work to our great nation?

As most of you know, our ministry, Safari Through the Word Ministries, is 501 C3 Florida, nonprofit corporation. We issue you receipts for your tax deductible donations at the end of the calendar year.

There are three ways which you can give.

You can write out a personal check or money order to “Safari Through the Word Ministries,” and mail it to:

Jose Alvarez

5725 NW 114 Path Unit 102

Doral, Florida 33178-4195.

Secondly, you can give through the Pay Pal “Donate” button on our website @

Finally, you can give on Face Book through “Fundrazr” button @

Thank you

Safari Through the Word Ministries is a 501 C3 Florida nonprofit corporation. We issue you receipts of giving for your tax deductions at the end of the calendar year.

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