Two People Who Inspire Me This Monday

These are two people whom inspire me.

Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani is an Iranese Christian Pastor who is in prison. He was locked  because he refused to convert to Islam. A few days back Iranese officials offered Pastor Yousef liberty if he recanted on his Christian faith. The pastor once again said no.

Yousef could be executed at any time. It’s been the hand of God through the prayers of many, and signed petitions to politicians that have delayed his executions.

Please do not forget Pastor Yousef in prayers and by making your voice heard politically.

Maria Corina Machado is a Venezuelan politician. In this video she confronts Venezuela’s communist president Hugo Chavez. I am sorry that the video is in Spanish. She calls Hugo Chavez a thief to his face, and that in front of his supporters. The courage of this lady to stand against evil inspires me. Even if you cannot understand Spanish take out four minutes to witness the marvelous exchange. She reminds me of Paul confronting King Agrippa.

I believe that God is calling you and me to this kind of courage.



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