God Answers The Atheist

I recently got into a conversation with a gentleman who is was a deep agnostic bordering on atheism.

He was a mathematics professor in a university.

I asked him, what it would take for him to believe. He told me that God, or if there is a God, He would have to show him concrete and tangible proof of Himself.

We had been having Holy Ghost meetings. To my surprise, this man not only came to the meeting, but hung out with us way before the meeting began.

Jesus never chased anybody who did not want Him. Neither do I.

From the commencement of the meeting God came in with a tremendous bang of healing power.  In a matter of minutes many were on the floor visibly “under the influence” of God’s sweet love, if you know what I mean.

I prayed for everybody, except this man, wishing to respect his atheist’s views.

My beloved wife Mary touched me on the shoulder and asked me, “Are you not going to pray for him?”  I fumbled and said to her, “Oh, I did not think that he wanted prayer.”

I turned to the gentleman and asked, “Do you want me to pray for you?”  “Yes”, he told me.

I lifted him up from his chair and extended my hand toward him, being careful not to touch him.

The visible glory of God came upon this man as he stood with eyes closed. For almost ten minutes he stood there with his eyes shut.  I prayed, “Lord, give him the undisputable concrete proof of You that he needs! “I moved on to the next person but kept on glancing towards him. When he opened them, and his and mine met, he had a big smile on his face. What occurred, I have no idea.

Ten minutes later I had healing line of four people.  As I prayed, the man at the end of the line about 10 feet away, suddenly collapsed under the power of God with no one to catch him.

My atheist friend who had been comfortably sitting, lunged from the couch in a desperate effort to catch him. He caught he man and both fell on the floor with the man squarely on top of my atheist friend, in one big heap.

My atheist friend looked at me sprawled on the ground, a body on top of him. He had a big grin on his face.

I do not know if this was his concrete proof or not. Surely God is great and has a great sense of humor, though.

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