Mary is Planned Parenthood’s Perfect Poster Girl!

The American Thinker magazine had an article entitled  “Barack Obama’s Doubtful Easter Message.”

The entry concludes with these compelling words.

“If Jesus is God and was really sent from His father to the womb of a virgin so that He could redeem mankind, did redemption hinge solely on Mary choosing to forgo an abortion?”

I add, what if Mary would have aborted fetus Jesus?

If there was someone who had justification to abort, it was Mary.

I can’t think of anyone more validated to do this, than this young woman.

Antiquity tells us that Mary was a teen between 14 and 17.

While in a specialized pre marriage relationship to Joseph, an angel appears to both of them.

He articulates to Mary that she will be the mother of the Savior of all humanity.

“ Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you,  it will be Holy Spirit who  is going to impregnate you, Mary,” adds the angel.

Boom! He’s gone!

I can imagine Mary today, totally freaking out. “What!!! Was I dreaming?”

What about the insult, the banishment and mockery this young couple endured?

Adulterous women then, were stoned to death. If Joseph, had not touched her, this was adultery!

By the book, Mary had every reason to abort.  I mean, it’s her body!

What if Mary aborted Jesus?

It hits home when we think of the bloodied fetus Jesus aborted in a tin bucket behind the cattle stall.

Joseph and Mary wait till dusk, hurriedly dig a hole, dump Him into it, and  cover it up.

“ Come on Joseph, let’s go to Cousin Elizabeth’s party” mutters Mary fixing her shawl, as they leave the make shift grave.

Where is Jesus? Where is His sacrifice for humanity’s sin? There is no cross! The tomb was used by someone else, the body is still in it! Oh my, there is no resurrection! There is no Good Friday!  There is no Easter! There is no Christmas! There is no hope!

And all because of one abortion.

It’s expedient to talk about the woman’s right to abort , but boy are we ever glad that Mary chose not to . Whew! We would have all been in big trouble.

All of you reading this blog  would be on your way to hell.

Abortionists and abortion providers would be on their way to hell.

Mr. Barack Obama and Health Secretary Sibelius would have no eternal security.

It’s all to right to peddle abortion if in the back of our minds we think that when we hit the dust we all go to heaven, and that because Jesus was not aborted.

But what if all we had was a bloodied fetus Jesus buried on the outskirts of Jerusalem?

The tune we sing becomes a little different.

I mean, Mary is Planned Parenthood’s perfect poster girl!

It was Ronald Reagan who once said, “ I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.”

Thank you Mary for not aborting fetus Jesus.

Link to the American Thinker Article “ Barack Obama’s”  Doubtful Easter Message.

Link to the “ Silent Scream” video. This is an ultra sound video of an actual abortion. It is graphic and viewer discretion is required.


7 thoughts on “Mary is Planned Parenthood’s Perfect Poster Girl!

  1. What would you say to a 14 year old who got pregnant nowadays? Do you think it is fair for her to give up other aspects of her life so young? What about the suffering of the child after they are born?


    • There are many childless couples who would love to adopt her child. Murder is never an option. Also there are plenty of contraceptives out there. There is no excuse to get pregnant today. If you are grown up enough to get pregnant you must be grown up enough to carry that child to a normal delivery. With privileges there are responsibilities. Blessings to you.


  2. Very imaginative and poignant story. Kind of puts a new twist on the story that we’ve all missed, although it’s really evident if we care to look.

    Tommyoto: You ask if it is “fair” for the girl to give up other aspects of her life. Let’s look at it the other way around. Is it fair for her unborn child to be murdered because mommy made the unwise and rebellious choice to enter adulthood way too soon? I totally agree with Jose, she made a grownup choice, she needs to face it like an adult even if she isn’t ready for it. That’s why there is so much information available to teenagers these days warning them of the many consequences of entering sexuality before they are ready for it. She and many like her will have to discover that a Godless life isn’t fair. Yes, I know this is tough…I was once a teenager and I’m mom to one now. 🙂


  3. Jose, once again an excellent blog… Thank you for saying the difficult things that others only wish they could.

    @Tommyoto : I can understand your view, but having worked with young woman in this very situation, I can tell you that a young lady facing an unplanned pregnancy does not need an abortion, she needs support. An abortion can have detrimental physical effects on women; not to mention emotional, psychological and spiritual. You see as someone who has experienced the pain of an abortion, I can tell you that you never forget and always regret the decision of walking into a cold, dark, money-hungry abortion facility and allowing someone that calls themselves a “doctor” end the life of your unborn baby. As Jose said, there are many families willing to love and raise unplanned babies. Hope this helps. Blessings!


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