According to the Glorious Gospel of the Happy God in the Dominican Republic

Last week Mary and I were invited as guests of Fernando and Lorena Tapias to lovely Santo Domingo and the Dominican Republic.

I had been to Santo Domingo in 1974 and to the “Twelfth Juegos Centro Americanos y Del Caribe” (The Twelfth Central American and Caribbean Games).

My family, then lived in the Virgin Islands and my father represented them in the games in pistol shooting.

Thirty eight years ago, I was a kid of twenty when accompanying my dad to Santo Domingo.

I remember not only the immense height of Cuba’s basketball players, but their overbearing and pompous advantage over every other basketball team. Cuba was like Gulliver against the Lilliputian Caribbean countries.

Everybody at the stadium complained.

”The guys in the games are supposed to be amateurs, people who have jobs and then train for the games.”

“But no, what Castro has sent are professionals. He forces them to do nothing else but to play basketball the whole day, or else.”

“It’s illegal,  what this Castro does. It’s professionals against amateurs!  It’s not fair!”

“When have the communists done anything fair?” I ask today.

The Tapias and their four wonderful daughters are folks on the go.

“Alright Lord”, I said, “How can we bring your ministry into Santo Domingo without totally disrupting the schedules of these busy folks?”

God is a needle threader.  He is task specific. His voice and commands are as detailed as your faith can make them.  He loves the razor-sharp ways, the fine particulars, the narrow paths, the perfections, and precisions.

God is broad-minded in His love, but narrow-minded in His will.

The more narrowly you follow His voice, the greater will be your success.

When people fault me for being narrow-minded, I consent wholeheartedly.  I am, because God is.

There is no permissive will with God. There is only black and white obedience into His precise and exact paths.

The way to destruction is wide and masses will fall headlong into it.

The way to life is narrow and few will discover it.

So the Lord chose to use His razor-sharp words to needle thread His ministry in a country where Mary and I only knew the Tapias.

He showed me in a vision a skinny and tall woman with short hair, an artist, who was traversing great stress and difficulty.

“Pray for her!” said the Lord.

I went to Fernando and Lorena, “The Lord showed me such and such a lady who is an artist, and He wants us to pray for her.”

Immediately they knew who I described, and made a phone call.

The next morning the woman  rang the door of their home.  When I saw her, she was the one in the vision.

We spent several hours ministering to her. She was wonderfully touched by God. Afterwards she took us to her house and showed us her beautiful art.

I believe that on that day her life was transformed by God.

The Tapias had a dinner get together with friends.  Many of the fifteen or so, knew each other but were unknown to us.

After a meat feast we sat down for a prophecy feast. This is a spiritual spread where we expect God to bless each person with special words from His Spirit, things that we would not know, but would be deeply intimate and personal for each.

The Spirit of God moved and released His words.

I observed folks gasping, looking at each other wide-eyed, heads nodding, as things that were known to only them, resonated loud and true.

“You have two grandsons. I see the first one dressed in a tuxedo with white gloves and conducting  a symphony orchestra.  He also has black hair. The second one has lighter hair and I see him in adventures on boats.”

“Yes”, the reply came. “My first grandson likes music, and my second grandson wants to be a sailor.”

More gasps and nods.

The following morning this person showed me a picture of his black hair grandson. It was the spitting image of the one which I saw in the vision with the black tux and white gloves.

To another one.

” I see you finishing something, now it’s complete, now you are blowing off the dust from it.”

“Yes, I am finishing my home in South America,” was the response.

“You were going to get married, you had a wedding ring on your outstretched finger, but the person that was going to be marry you, had a theater mask. This person was not genuine, this person was no good for you, and God protected you from getting married.”

“Yes, this occurred exactly like this at the end of last year; “the affirmative came from another person.

More gasps and nods.

“I see you with a ministry of dreams like Joseph in the OT, and like him, God gives you a multicolored coat.”

“Yes, I do get dreams”, was the response.

The next day, this same person approached us.

“You know that since I have been small child I have loved the story of Joseph and have read it more than what I have read about Jesus?”

And yet to another.

“I see you behind a chess board and you are playing with the pope.”

The rejoinder came.

“That’s exactly what I want to do. I want to study international relations and want to be kind of a chess player to other countries.’”

And so God continued in this trend of razor-sharp words throughout the trip.

In the Dominican Republic, at least five gave their hearts to the Lord.

Others came back seeking more revelation.

Yet others received God’s peace in the midst of trying situations.

Most of this was the fruit of prophecy to many who had never gotten a single prophecy.

Rom 8:19  For the earnest expectation of the creature ( of creation) waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God. ( God’s church )

As with all of our travels, there are  multitudes anticipating and yearning to get a personalized Word from the God who is personal, intimate, and living.  This can be done only through the church.

Religion makes God distant, unattainable. Jesus Christ brings the Heavenly Father up close and personal.

I love the church. I love each person in the body of Christ. Truly everyone is precious to the Father up above.

Yet, we  who are within our church walls have  received so many words from the Spirit. We have seen the Father heal so many. We have witnessed so many demonstrations of God’s glory.

There is a vast ocean of people without the walls of the church who have never heard one word of prophecy. They have never witnessed one act of God’s glory or received the touch of one healing.

The fields are white for the harvest, Jesus said.

There is no speedier way to bring in the harvest than with love, authenticity, and the power of God.

The time is coming, and now is, when Christians cannot afford to be exclusively within the walls of our churches.

There is globe hungry for the God whom they don’t know. They don’t know exactly what they search for, but it is for the love, power and glory of the unseen God.

I am not trying to make anyone feel guilty.

But reflect on praying for God to make a way for you to get out of the walls of church and into this hungry world for God.

As long as you are yourself, loving, real, and accepting , most of the world is awaiting for the church to come out of its walls

Don’t be religious, legalistic, or Christianeeze.

Be fun, be real, be happy, have a good time.

God is happy. He always in a good mood. He likes to have a good time with His creation.

1Ti 1:11  According to the glorious gospel of the happy God, which was committed to my trust.

1Ti 6:15  Which in his times he shall shew, who is the happy and only Potentate, the King of kings, and Lord of lords;

The secret to evangelism is in the hands of the happy and fun church who can demonstrate the love and power of the happy God at the same time.  So go for it!


Fernando and Lorena Tapias



Bayahibe Beach, La Romana, Dominican Republic.



With new friends at Casa De Campo, Altos De Chavon, La Romana, Dominican Republic.



Mary with friends Sophia and Alice next to the Chavon River, Dominican Republic.



Santo Domingo at dusk!



With new friends Arian and Helen.



With new friends Miriam and Maritza


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