I Thought that I was at a Benny Hinn Crusade.

This Easter Sunday God graced our church with a miracle .

I like Google’s description of a miracle.

“A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency,” writes Google dictionary.

My wife and I lead the ministry teams, which pray extensively for folks who attend.

On occasions, a few of us have gone as late as 4:00 PM in a service which begins at 11:00AM

During the message God directed my eyes to a lady  at the far end of the sanctuary.

“I want you to pray for her,” said the Holy Spirit.

Mary was home with a stomach bug. I team up with her. This time I grabbed another couple and signaled them to follow.

We sauntered across the church and got to this woman who still sat.

I gently touched her on the shoulder saying,  “The Lord told me specifically to pray for you.”

“Funny that you should say that, God told me that I needed to see you,” the lady responded.

I gently grabbed  her arm and cautiously pulled her to the area where we minister.

This woman is no ordinary person. For  years she has lived with agonizing pain due to chronic arthritis. She  mentioned her condition, but I forget.

She can hardly move. I have seen her with a walker.  Folks hold her arms and help her walk. We’ve suggested taking people to clean her home.

Recently she missed months of church  due to wracking joint pains.

Just a month back she decided to come to back in spite of inordinate difficulties.

It’s funny how God works. Many times I will lay hands upon those for whom I pray. This Sunday , I felt led to stretch my hands to her and decree the Word of who she is in Christ.

I could sense the Holy Spirit really at work. It was the substitute Person of God operating through me. At times I could not feel myself.

The  woman  convulsed and flapped her arms. Suddenly, she crumbled unto the floor. All of us encircled her and extended our hands.

“I have no pain, I have no pain,’ she screamed.

“ I don’t have any pain” she yelled again and again, tears rolling down her eyes.

For a few seconds I could not believe what I heard.

I pulled her up unto her feet.

“Thank you Jesus, I have no pain, thank you Jesus,’ she wept and shouted as she trotted up and down the aisle.

Back and forth she marched as normally as could be.

A crowd formed around us . Folks who knew her, had wide smiles and wide opened eyes.

“I have no pain, thank you Jesus” she screamed and hugged me. She hugged the others who had  prayed.

The senior pastor hastily ran over.

“What happened?” he asked.

“I have no pain” she wept.

Excitedly he muttered, “ let me get my wife!” and sprinted off.

And so it was. As we prayed for the others, I could see this dear one standing and mingling, recounting to others what had occurred.

She gestured with  her arms as if nothing , standing vertically upright without walker or support.

When she had paced up and down the aisles yelling, I thought that I was at a Benny Hinn crusade.

I could just have grabbed her arm, mike in hand, walked her up and down the aisle and just like Benny said, “Come Heerrrrrre Ladyee”!


I have added a pro script to this  entry about what occurred at our church on Easter Sunday.

Since this miracle,  I have been in contact with the woman, its recipient, Vilma Noda.

I marvel when I see Vilma on Sundays, walking without a cane, standing up straight, a smile on her face.

I requested her if she would grace us with a few words about what ensued on Easter and how her life now is.


Hi, my name is Vilma Noda and I’ve attended Doral Vineyard Church for two years. 
I was diagnosed with Psoriatic Arthritis in January of 2011. My world changed that day.
My hands, feet and every single joint in my body became deformed. It had affected my walking very badly.  It was difficult and painful to walk. The pain in my body was chronic and constant. I became depressed and basically stopped living. I stopped going to church, I would stay in bed all day on the weekends and I only got up to go to work come Monday. I was surviving, but not living.

 I ask the Lord why me?

The answer did not come right away.

My family, friends and church family prayed for me. But I continued to remain hidden in my despair.

I cried out one day and said, “Lord heal me please I do not want to be in a wheel chair, I want to walk and I want to live”.

 My condition worsened.

After a while I sort of learned to live with the pain.

 I was still hiding from God and my church family.

I prayed, please God give me the strength to go back to church, I want to live and worship you.

One day while I was driving home the Lord spoke to me and He said, “you will find your healing in church.” So I went back to church.

One Sunday Pastor Jose Alvarez came to me and told me “The Lord wants me to pray for you.” I said yes.

 I never believed in healing for myself only for others.

 I can’t tell you exactly what happened but once Pastor Jose prayed for me the pain in my body left me.

 When he asked me to take my first step….well let’s just say that I was practically skipping. I walked!!!! I was normal, no pain!!!

 It was surreal for me. The Lord healed me?

Wow, how amazing and how humbling it was for me. My God cares about me, he loves me and he heard my cries. 
I’ve learned that illness does not come from God.

I had unforgiveness in my heart and it played a big part in Satan attacking me physically. Our body is just a house we live in, we are spirit, and we must always walk in the spirit to fight Satan’s constant attacks on us. Now I claim victory, I have been healed even on days where Satan wants to plague me with pain I get up and say NO!  I’ve been healed and I walk it out every single day.

 In other words we need to be strong in the spirit and only through Christ and his word are we made strong in the spirit. 
God Bless you, Vilma Noda

Vilma Noda on Sunday, May 06, 2012.

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