What It Means to Be Born, Hear The Voice of The Spirit, and other Things ( Audio Teaching )

What It Means to Be Born, Hear The Voice of The Spirit, and other Things

Message given at The Deeper Life Event by Jose Alvarez

Doral Vineyard Church

Miami, Florida

June 28, 2012

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“The Land of The Theophobic Taboo of Invoking the Name of God.”

It’s happening again with the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado!

It began with my USA return in 2007  after living in Kenya.

In East Africa, the Name of God and His Son Jesus Christ are welcomed.

When arriving in America I realized that I had come to  “The Land of The Theophobic Taboo of Invoking the Name of God.”

I have been befuddled with our governments’ refusal, resistance, arrogance, phobia,  sheer blindness, and  or agenda, against invoking the assistance of Almighty God, during times of national catastrophes.

I am talking now on federal, state, and municipal levels.

It’s simply mind-blowing!

In the 2008 financial meltdown, I perused  the news coming out from our fruited plains, to note one political leader who’d make a proclamation for the succor of Almighty God.

Nay, not a soul stepped up.

To our own humiliation, such haughtiness only hurts the country.

God is so willing to help.

Yet, He will not do so, if we do not appeal to Him in prayer.

If  a few politicians would have declared a week for beseeching the help of God in this crisis, things would have been better.

But no of course, it’s unconstitutional to cry out to the Almighty.

We don’t want to irreparably damage somebody through the blessing which God confers.

And nay,  our politicians and judges simply contradict what is rational and logical during  seasons of misfortune.

Instead of  invoking the Name of God, they reduce it as unconstitutional.

Is it Theophobia, arrogance, blindness or agenda?

By the way, America is not out of its financial crisis. I don’t care what any politician says. I know better.

Two weeks before the financial crisis arose, I heard the semi audible voice of God whisper;“The Day of The Lord is at Hand!”

Four years later, God has not come back to and told me that “The Day of The Lord is not at Hand!”

During mammoth outbreak of tornadic activity that  obliterated parts of America, I was buoyant that some politician would announce a season of prayer for his stricken municipality, but there was none to be found.

I remember one Senator suing God in court and calling Him defendant.

What a deplorable void of reverence for God.

I quote the senator’s words.

“Defendant directly and proximately has caused, inter alia, fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornados, pestilential plagues…”

Two weeks after his lawsuit there were shattering fires in California which burned down hundreds of homes.

I don’t think that the senator will sue God again.

During the finagling, torment, and hand wringing  which occurred with  the BP Oil Spill I predicted a national declaration of prayer to God.

If  there was a time in which our nation needed His guidance it was then.

But only a paltry pronouncement which originated from Louisiana, and I think was attended to by the assistant governor of Florida, was the spiritual apex put forth by our nation.

When that Christmas came there was even more of a thrust to obliterate the Name of Christ, Christmas decorations, Christmas songs and nativity scenes from America’s recollection.

This is just the contrary  to what America needs, for crying out loud.

Is it Theophobia, arrogance, blindness or agenda?

Last year, an all-wise and benevolent judge in Colorado rendered the one meager day in which this nation politically semi invokes the Name of God, unconstitutional.

I say this, because our putative President did not mention God during his 2011 Thanksgiving message.

Now months  later,  Colorado is suffering historically from its worse fires.

Hundreds of homes have gone up in flames.

The Waldo Canyon fire has exponentially grown.

I yet to hear someone in Colorado, invoke God’s assistance.

It’s the same old, same old.

God would come to its rescue with torrential rains, or something similar, if people would just humble themselves.

But no of course, it’s unconstitutional in  the “Centennial State” to have day of prayer to God.

This is Colorado’s high time to make prayer constitutional. This same judge should rescind at once and set an example for his beloved state.

America, still has not learned the painful lessons that the exclusion of the Almighty from the soils which He already owns, and will do as He feels with, will always be to its own demise.

Such utter foolishness. How sad!

Is it Theophobia, arrogance, blindness or agenda?

I think that’s it’s a mixture of all, but leaning to the latter.

An Urgent Need For Burial Expenses

Our dear friends Pastor Elias and Rosemary Onduas, pastors of Journey to Heaven Churches in Kenya, are seen in this photo. Our ministry has worked with them in many Bible conferences since 2006. Called to leave Nairobi and minister in rural Kenya, the Onduas live in abject poverty.

This week Rosemary’s mother, Vivian Akinyib, passed away.  The outstanding hospital bill of $550.00 has to be paid for Vivian’s illness for her body to be released for burial.

Would you prayerfully consider donating towards this urgent need?

Safari Through the Word Ministries is a 501 C3 nonprofit corporation. We issue you tax receipts for your deductions at the end of the year.

Thank you

Jose and Mary Alvarez

Please give at the link immediately following.



Rosemary and Elias Onduas Ouma

On This Mother’s Day: “Take now thy son,thine only son”

Ge 22:2  And he said, Take now thy son, thine only son Isaac, whom thou lovest, and get thee into the land of Moriah; and offer him there for a burnt offering upon one of the mountains which I will tell thee of.

Mary and I taught a Bible conference in Ugunja, Kenya.

Ugunja is located in the Siaya District, close to the town of Kogelo, the home of Mr. Obama’s family.

At the end of the conference, the senior pastor exhorted those present to bring us an offering.

People in the rural areas of Kenya, are especially poor.

But it’s the poor who give the shirt off their backs.

He urged, “If you don’t have anything, bring a piece of grass or a leaf…anything, but bring these people of God something. They have traveled a long way to bless us!”

As the band worshiped in  Luo for the offering, I closed my eyes lifting my hands to the Lord.

When the song finished I opened them.

Lo and behold, a baby laid at my feet!

I was stunned, and shocked.

I elbowed the pastor who still had his eyes closed, pointing down at my feet.

He chuckled in amazement.

It came to be that this child’s mother had followed the pastor’s summon and offered all that she had, her only child.

It reminded me of what the Father did with Jesus.

My chest welled up with emotion.

Such faith, such sacrifice, in the midst of such poverty!

Surely I would not have done that! Are you kidding!

Most times it’s the poor who are the greatest of givers.

We located the mother, who was embarrassed, and hid in the crowd.

We blessed the child, and gave him back to her.

I think back to the other dear people in Siaya who blessed us.

They are poor farmers.

When the pastor asked them to bless us, they ran back to their farms.

I don’t know how far they walked.

They came back later with corn, a goat and all sorts of vegetable.

Mary and I wept when a tiny old lady came, bowed down at the altar depositing two hen eggs.

She was followed by another fragile woman who placed a few coins  from a wrinkled hand.

This is the baby boy at my feet, next to the offering basket.
1 Samuel 1:22 But Hannah went not up; for she said unto her husband, I will not go up until the child be weaned, and then I will bring him, that he may appear before the LORD, and there abide for ever.





Everybody Is A Star

In the early 80’ I was living with my father and mother in Key Biscayne, Florida.

I had given my heart to God in 1979, and through His kindness was coming out catastrophic habits.  Fifteen years of drinking, ten years of drugs, many in pornography, a severe stutterer, engrossed in insecurities and rejection.

I needed God’s miracles to keep chasing after me.

I had never sensed love deep inside.

I felt handicapped, broken, unprotected, and unprovided for, imprisoned by the fearful monsters of panic in my mind.

For a person such as me, God’s wonders were tokens of love.

Like candies, ice cream, and toys they pursued me, breaking me free from a world of fear which had so ensnared.

I was a jogger in those days and ran between three to five miles.

It was a blisteringly hot summer day.

The deep blue skies were brilliant and cloudless. I jogged to the beach.

I had no money or water. When I turned to go back, I was parched from thirst.

The sun beat down on me. I was sweating and dehydrated. I could no longer run. I had three miles to walk back.

“Oh God, I need water or a coke, or something…” I loudly entreated. “Have mercy on me!”

“God, send some clouds for this terrible sun to hide behind”; but there were none.

I couldn’t find a water fountain in the office buildings as I walked back

Suddenly, it began to lightly rain!

Through my sweaty eyes I pierced into the glittering sky.

Not a cloud in sight. I skimmed down at the sidewalk.

There was a circle of rain ten feet in diameter following me.

As I advanced, so would the rain.

I squinted back up into the dazzling sun; no clouds. I gawked down at the pavement. My little patch of rain was faithfully falling on and following me.

For over a mile this little circle shadowed and splashed on me.

When it finally died off,  I was cool and refreshed and only a mile from my destination.

My merciful God had answered.

It’s the kindness of God which leads people to repent.

It’s the marvels of His love which stopped me from falling back to earthly pleasures.

Sly and the Family Stone wrote a great seventies song named; “Everybody Is a Star.”

Let’s face it. Everybody wants to be a star; need to be a star.

Everybody wants to be distinctive.

Everybody wants to be recognized.

Everybody wants to be loved.

Through an experience like this, I learned that I am a star in God’s eyes.

If I was the only one alive on earth, Jesus would have come and died for me.

I am His favorite.

I am not just His beloved, but His lovely one.

In Jesus, I am the object of all God’s love, His blessings, and His favor.

And so are you, whoever you are, and wherever you are!

You are God’s star. He is madly in love with you. He’s ever dedicated to you.

Some call God the “bloodhound of heaven”, ever chasing after and sniffing you out so that you can be His star.

You, you, and you are His favorites.

You, and you, and you are His lovely ones.

Let Sly sing over you and know that you are God’s star today!

Everybody is a star
Who can rain, chase the dust away
Everybody wants to shine
Ooh, come out on a cloudy day
‘Til the sun that loves you proud
When the system tries to bring you down
Every hand to shine tonight
You don’t need darkness to do what you think is right

Ba pa-pa-pa ba pa-pa ba ba ba pa-pa ba pa-pa ba pa-pa ba ba ba, 
ba-pa ba-pa ba ba, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh

Everybody is a star
I can feel it when you shine on me
I love you for who you are
Not the one you feel you need to be
Ever catch a falling star
Ain’t no stopping ’til it’s in the ground
Everybody is a star
One big circle going round and round

 Watch the video “Everybody Is A Star,” by Sly and the Family Stone.


The Rolls Royce Of Free Bible Programs

This blog entry was written over a year ago. Biblesupport.com has added a huge amount of new materials. Some of the links which I placed under Biblesupport are now outdated. I would suggest you to go to Biblesupport.com and peruse for yourself.

Happy Bible studying!


There are a few superb and free downloadable Bible programs.

The beauty of these programs is that you download them right unto your desktop.

You need not to be on the internet to use them.

I find these programs quite handy when I minister in Africa or South America, by simply taking my computer. There is no need for an internet connection.

E Sword and the Online Bible Program  are the granddaddies of the free downloadable Bible programs.

ESword, was not my favorite of the free programs;  that is, until now.

With the inauguration of Biblesupport.com, one year ago,  which hosts thousands of free E Sword modules, E Sword has swiftly become the Rolls Royce of the free Bible programs.

In my opinion, the quality of ESword’s modules is bordering on that of the best and  definitely not free Bible program in the market, Libronix’s Logos.

I would like to offer you my recommendations for a scholarly and absolutely free Bible library, right on your desktop,  weighed down with the best Biblical commentaries made throughout history.  Twenty years ago, the most serious of Bible students, would salivate at what you can now obtain on your desktop.

Remember that it’s not the mere truth which sets you free. Rather, the revelational knowledge of the God’s truth does.

For me, a foundational knowledge of OT Hebrew and NT Greek are essential to achieve a level of the revelation of  truth where you will achieve real freedom.

Some don’t agree with me, but this has been my walk with the Lord Jesus.

So let’s commence.

First you need to download the E Sword Bible Program unto your desktop.


After downloading and opening it, click on the “download” tab on the top of the program.

A window will open that will say Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, etc.

You can peruse and download what you need.

Today, I will deal with the commentary sets.

Two of my favorite “bread and butter” commentaries are.

Jamieson Fausset and Brown Commentary

Albert Barnes Notes on the Bible.

After this, E Sword offers  three exegetical and expositional commentaries of Biblical languages by foremost Hebrew and Greek Bible scholars.

Keil and Delitzsch Commentary of the OT (One of the best exegetical Hebrew language commentaries available.)

Vincent Word Studies (Marvin Vincent’s Greek Word Studies Classic)

Robertson Word Studies of the New Testament ( A T. Robertson’s Greek Word Studies Classic).

After this, close  your E Sword program and proceed to:


You will need to register for a screen name and a password to be able to download your new E Sword modules, of which there are more than a thousand.

Next, and immensely vital, is your  need to install the E Sword module installer that will allow Bible Support’s modules to seamlessly install into your closed E Sword program.

If you do not install the module installer, Bible Support modules will not function in E Sword.


Now, may I recommend some of the granddaddies of classic Bible commentaries, worth in the thousands of dollars.

The Expositors Forty Nine Volume Commentary Set of the Bible.


Next the Sixty Six Volume Pulpit Commentary.


After this, the brilliant work done by David Guzik in his commentary.


Finally, Joseph Exell’s Fifty Six Volume Commentary Set.


The next four commentaries are exegetical and expositional Greek and Hebrew commentaries by other superb Hebrew and Greek scholars.

Along with the three commentary sets that you already downloaded from E Sword, you will have a master exegetical scholar’s library of the Bible in its original languages.

Twenty years ago, what you have  now would have been the envy of many a student of the Bible who did not have the thousands of dollars to spend on these jewels. You would have been their irritable source of jealousy and envy.

Now we have these resources for free! LOL!

Let’s be careful that we don’t fall into a famine of the knowledge of the Word of God in the midst of such extravagant abundance.

Here it goes!

John Lange’s  Critical, Doctrinal, and Homiletical Twenty Five Volume Commentary Set of the Bible.


John Eadie’s Commentaries on The Greek Text of Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians and Philippians


John Bengel’s Five Volume Gnomon of the Greek NT


Heinrich Meyer’s Twenty Volume Critical and Exegetical Commentary of the NT.




TheTeachers Notes: On My Father’s Day Message to Fathers and Fathers To Be


God broke me when I recognized that I wanted my kids to be like me as a Christian and minister like me.

Much of what I did in my relationships with them was in expectation of wanting them to follow my footsteps.

I had a selfishly religious spirit with an angry edge. I had a holier than thou attitude especially with TV.

Fear will cause you to react in anger. Many times I reacted to my children with anger because I feared that they were not following in the footsteps of what I thought a Christian should be like. I had an angry fearful edge towards them.

Don’t try to mold your children into your image of a Christian.

Trust God and let Him mold them into what He wants for them.



A father must learn to quickly forgive and to quickly ask for forgiveness when wrong.

This is a huge lesson that I learned with my children.

I have asked my kids to forgive me many times.

Forgiveness is not saying that you are sorry. It goes deeper than. A father must learn to ask for forgiveness from his children when wrong.

Your family is always a team. Your family is your first ministry. God will not give you a ministry in the church until you have adequately learned to minister to your family.

Communication is essential. Be transparent and honest before your children.

Preach little and live your life before them. Have a good time with your family.

Support the individual dreams of my children. Be there for them on their special occasions.

Your children are not called to follow our dreams unless it’s something that God put in their hearts.

Be a servant to your children.

Always let your children know that God and His will,  always come first.  The blessing upon a family will be proportional to its obedience to God by putting Him first.

A father who puts his family above God’s will run into problems. This is when a father makes his family into an idol.

Put your family second after God, but always before your job, church and ministry.

Let your children know that even in their very worst sin you will love them, never reject and be there for them.

It’s demonic when family members cut each other off for a host of reasons.

Welcome your kids to stay and live at home as long as they want to, that is until they get married.

Let them always feel welcomed to stay. Even when married let them know that this is their home.

If so, they will never want to seek a home somewhere else.

Let your kids know that you are their best friend. Children who know that their parents are their best friends will never look for the wrong friends elsewhere.

Let them know that they can share with you all things that they do, even the bad, the good and the ugly, and that they will never be rejected for them. If they know this, they will not keep secrets from you and do these secretive things in the wrong places.

If a child knows that they can come to you with everything good, bad and ugly, they won’t be tempted to do things in darkness and in the company of evil men.



Pr 29:25  The fear of man bringeth a snare, but whoso putteth his trust in the LORD shall be safe.

Become free from the fear of men but always fear God.

Not obeying God the first time is disobedience.

Be willing to lose your earthly reputation as a man pleaser. Become a fool for Christ.

Ga 1:10  For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? For if I yet sought to please men, I should not be the servant of Christ.

A father is not a people please but a God pleaser. By that I mean that He will put God first.

A father is not politically correct but God correct. He is a world changer and a revivalist.

A father does not compromise the word of God under any circumstance.

2Ti 2:15  Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

A father must be a student of the Word of God, and disciple of Jesus Christ. The lack of a foundation of the Word of God in the church is its greatest problem.

If your Bible studies are limited to a Bible program on a smart phone you will never be free.

A father is at the very least a tither. He who does not tithe to the Lord will sooner or later run into financial problems.

I have always tithed to God on my gross and have never run into financial problems since 1979.  Instill that in your children and others.



A Father is A Heart Knower

Ac 1:24  And they prayed and said, “Thou, Lord, who knowest the hearts ( the heart knower of all) of all men, show us which of these two Thou hast chosen,

A father is not religious but rather a listener and knower of all hearts.

He must embrace and accept unconditionally.

He does not embrace the sin, but the sinner.

He loves unconditionally and accepts unconditionally. That is not an acceptance of the sin but of the person.

A father is not religious but genuine.

He is authentic, and is not scared to make mistakes if he knows that he is willing to correct them.

Jas 1:19   Therefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath;

A father is a good listener. He can learn to speak less than he listens.

Ps 16:11 Thou wilt show me the path of life; in Thy presence is fullness of joy; at Thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore.

Transparency and realness to you who you are is a sign of wholeness. Be real to yourself. Let people know you for who you are. A father is on his way to wholeness.

Nothing brings wholeness faster than knowing what the Word of God says and the presence of God.

The opposite of pain is laughter and joy. The presence of Jesus is the pinnacle of laughter, pleasure and joy. Pain must dissolve where there is persistent laughter and joy. There is point in Jesus where every trace of pain caused by sin and brokenness departs. This should be the goals of fathers.

A father does not legislate Biblical morality to the sinner but draws people to Christ by demonstrating the Father’s love to them.

A father is ready to deal with a host of different people and show the fathers love to them.

A father who is free and whole does not become easily offended.

He rises above the offenses of others and never cuts off anyone because of their sin.  Even when hurt by another he will not shut them out.  He will be there for them in the midst of hurt.

A father must have a focus on the younger generations.

There is a responsibility to pass the baton.  There is a responsibility to disciple and mentor.

You and I will die. We must make disciples of those behind us. This is part of the legacy of a father.

2Ti 4:2  preach the Word. Be instant in season and out of season. Reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.

A real father should be able to lovingly confront, and rebuke and reprove with all authority in love.

The love of God many times is not icky sweet and sugary.

Be able to lovingly confront, rebuke and reprove when sin is present.



God is looking for fathers who will be leaders.

I am tired of seeing men in the church whose wives have to lead them, and pull them up by their bootstraps.

This is demonic and tragic and is an attack on the family.

Every father should forge his own way with the Lord. Don’t be as follower. Blaze your own trail.

You have something great to give. Don’t copy somebody else’s message.

Make a difference, leave a legacy.

Php 3:12  It is not as though I had already attained it, nor were already perfect; but I follow after, that I may sieze hold of that for which Christ Jesus also seized hold of me.

Eph 5:16  Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.

Be a doer. Don’t waste time. Redeem the time because the days are evil.