The Rolls Royce Of Free Bible Programs

This blog entry was written over a year ago. has added a huge amount of new materials. Some of the links which I placed under Biblesupport are now outdated. I would suggest you to go to and peruse for yourself.

Happy Bible studying!


There are a few superb and free downloadable Bible programs.

The beauty of these programs is that you download them right unto your desktop.

You need not to be on the internet to use them.

I find these programs quite handy when I minister in Africa or South America, by simply taking my computer. There is no need for an internet connection.

E Sword and the Online Bible Program  are the granddaddies of the free downloadable Bible programs.

ESword, was not my favorite of the free programs;  that is, until now.

With the inauguration of, one year ago,  which hosts thousands of free E Sword modules, E Sword has swiftly become the Rolls Royce of the free Bible programs.

In my opinion, the quality of ESword’s modules is bordering on that of the best and  definitely not free Bible program in the market, Libronix’s Logos.

I would like to offer you my recommendations for a scholarly and absolutely free Bible library, right on your desktop,  weighed down with the best Biblical commentaries made throughout history.  Twenty years ago, the most serious of Bible students, would salivate at what you can now obtain on your desktop.

Remember that it’s not the mere truth which sets you free. Rather, the revelational knowledge of the God’s truth does.

For me, a foundational knowledge of OT Hebrew and NT Greek are essential to achieve a level of the revelation of  truth where you will achieve real freedom.

Some don’t agree with me, but this has been my walk with the Lord Jesus.

So let’s commence.

First you need to download the E Sword Bible Program unto your desktop.

After downloading and opening it, click on the “download” tab on the top of the program.

A window will open that will say Bibles, Commentaries, Dictionaries, etc.

You can peruse and download what you need.

Today, I will deal with the commentary sets.

Two of my favorite “bread and butter” commentaries are.

Jamieson Fausset and Brown Commentary

Albert Barnes Notes on the Bible.

After this, E Sword offers  three exegetical and expositional commentaries of Biblical languages by foremost Hebrew and Greek Bible scholars.

Keil and Delitzsch Commentary of the OT (One of the best exegetical Hebrew language commentaries available.)

Vincent Word Studies (Marvin Vincent’s Greek Word Studies Classic)

Robertson Word Studies of the New Testament ( A T. Robertson’s Greek Word Studies Classic).

After this, close  your E Sword program and proceed to:

You will need to register for a screen name and a password to be able to download your new E Sword modules, of which there are more than a thousand.

Next, and immensely vital, is your  need to install the E Sword module installer that will allow Bible Support’s modules to seamlessly install into your closed E Sword program.

If you do not install the module installer, Bible Support modules will not function in E Sword.

Now, may I recommend some of the granddaddies of classic Bible commentaries, worth in the thousands of dollars.

The Expositors Forty Nine Volume Commentary Set of the Bible.

Next the Sixty Six Volume Pulpit Commentary.

After this, the brilliant work done by David Guzik in his commentary.

Finally, Joseph Exell’s Fifty Six Volume Commentary Set.

The next four commentaries are exegetical and expositional Greek and Hebrew commentaries by other superb Hebrew and Greek scholars.

Along with the three commentary sets that you already downloaded from E Sword, you will have a master exegetical scholar’s library of the Bible in its original languages.

Twenty years ago, what you have  now would have been the envy of many a student of the Bible who did not have the thousands of dollars to spend on these jewels. You would have been their irritable source of jealousy and envy.

Now we have these resources for free! LOL!

Let’s be careful that we don’t fall into a famine of the knowledge of the Word of God in the midst of such extravagant abundance.

Here it goes!

John Lange’s  Critical, Doctrinal, and Homiletical Twenty Five Volume Commentary Set of the Bible.

John Eadie’s Commentaries on The Greek Text of Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians and Philippians

John Bengel’s Five Volume Gnomon of the Greek NT

Heinrich Meyer’s Twenty Volume Critical and Exegetical Commentary of the NT.



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    This blog entry was written over a year ago. has added a huge amount of new materials. Some of the links which I placed under Biblesupport are now outdated. I would suggest you to go to and peruse for yourself.

    Happy Bible studying!



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