“The Land of The Theophobic Taboo of Invoking the Name of God.”

It’s happening again with the Waldo Canyon Fire in Colorado!

It began with my USA return in 2007  after living in Kenya.

In East Africa, the Name of God and His Son Jesus Christ are welcomed.

When arriving in America I realized that I had come to  “The Land of The Theophobic Taboo of Invoking the Name of God.”

I have been befuddled with our governments’ refusal, resistance, arrogance, phobia,  sheer blindness, and  or agenda, against invoking the assistance of Almighty God, during times of national catastrophes.

I am talking now on federal, state, and municipal levels.

It’s simply mind-blowing!

In the 2008 financial meltdown, I perused  the news coming out from our fruited plains, to note one political leader who’d make a proclamation for the succor of Almighty God.

Nay, not a soul stepped up.

To our own humiliation, such haughtiness only hurts the country.

God is so willing to help.

Yet, He will not do so, if we do not appeal to Him in prayer.

If  a few politicians would have declared a week for beseeching the help of God in this crisis, things would have been better.

But no of course, it’s unconstitutional to cry out to the Almighty.

We don’t want to irreparably damage somebody through the blessing which God confers.

And nay,  our politicians and judges simply contradict what is rational and logical during  seasons of misfortune.

Instead of  invoking the Name of God, they reduce it as unconstitutional.

Is it Theophobia, arrogance, blindness or agenda?

By the way, America is not out of its financial crisis. I don’t care what any politician says. I know better.

Two weeks before the financial crisis arose, I heard the semi audible voice of God whisper;“The Day of The Lord is at Hand!”

Four years later, God has not come back to and told me that “The Day of The Lord is not at Hand!”

During mammoth outbreak of tornadic activity that  obliterated parts of America, I was buoyant that some politician would announce a season of prayer for his stricken municipality, but there was none to be found.

I remember one Senator suing God in court and calling Him defendant.

What a deplorable void of reverence for God.

I quote the senator’s words.

“Defendant directly and proximately has caused, inter alia, fearsome floods, egregious earthquakes, horrendous hurricanes, terrifying tornados, pestilential plagues…”

Two weeks after his lawsuit there were shattering fires in California which burned down hundreds of homes.

I don’t think that the senator will sue God again.

During the finagling, torment, and hand wringing  which occurred with  the BP Oil Spill I predicted a national declaration of prayer to God.

If  there was a time in which our nation needed His guidance it was then.

But only a paltry pronouncement which originated from Louisiana, and I think was attended to by the assistant governor of Florida, was the spiritual apex put forth by our nation.

When that Christmas came there was even more of a thrust to obliterate the Name of Christ, Christmas decorations, Christmas songs and nativity scenes from America’s recollection.

This is just the contrary  to what America needs, for crying out loud.

Is it Theophobia, arrogance, blindness or agenda?

Last year, an all-wise and benevolent judge in Colorado rendered the one meager day in which this nation politically semi invokes the Name of God, unconstitutional.

I say this, because our putative President did not mention God during his 2011 Thanksgiving message.

Now months  later,  Colorado is suffering historically from its worse fires.

Hundreds of homes have gone up in flames.

The Waldo Canyon fire has exponentially grown.

I yet to hear someone in Colorado, invoke God’s assistance.

It’s the same old, same old.

God would come to its rescue with torrential rains, or something similar, if people would just humble themselves.

But no of course, it’s unconstitutional in  the “Centennial State” to have day of prayer to God.

This is Colorado’s high time to make prayer constitutional. This same judge should rescind at once and set an example for his beloved state.

America, still has not learned the painful lessons that the exclusion of the Almighty from the soils which He already owns, and will do as He feels with, will always be to its own demise.

Such utter foolishness. How sad!

Is it Theophobia, arrogance, blindness or agenda?

I think that’s it’s a mixture of all, but leaning to the latter.


3 thoughts on ““The Land of The Theophobic Taboo of Invoking the Name of God.”

  1. Gracias por su comentario Pastor Jose, Ciertamente la ceguera esta presente y ya llegara el momento de que tendran que doblar sus rodillas ante nuestro Gran Dios


  2. Hi, Most government officials are not true believers and the people of God are the real sub structure of a community . The healing and revival we desire is found in II Chron, 7:14 IF my people who are called by name humble themselves and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways i will hear from heaven and heal thier land.
    No structures lost last night,,good news,, more calm today. There has be an uptick in prayer in the local churches which is good. Sad that it takes a crises but so little concerted on going prayer ministries in the churches in this city. I have lived in this city since 77 and have led several churches and outreach ministies in prayer development.
    Have mercy on our nation. The land is being cleansed by this, there is allot of occult activity in this city and state.
    God bless


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