Could This Be The Drought?

This letter was written on June 17, 2009.

Could this current drought in the Corn Belt be what I saw three years ago?

Many times, God’s judgments begin in the Spirit before they manifest in the physical, hence the date of 2010.

John Kilpatrick was the senior pastor of Brownsville Assemblies of God in Pensacola, Florida where the great revival of the 90’s occurred.

He had gotten a dream in 2009 of a violent earthquake hitting the San Madrid fault line in the Missouri area.

 This was my response to his dream.

To John Kilpatrick:
I read your PDF dream about the earthquake in the Madrid Fault Line.
I have had a vision of judgment coming upon the USA in 2010 because of the sin of abortion. In this vision I have seen the central part of the USA, more or less where you describe the earthquake, as being damaged or bruised. I did not see a quake, but about 20 percent of the USA in a circumference type of shape was bruised or squashed in the area of Missouri and adjacent states. I have been calling it as I have shared this vision the heartland or the breadbasket of the USA. This vision of damage to this part of the country has come to me about three times.
When I read your dream today I had a subdued witness of soberness and also alarm from the Holy Spirit. I bear witness with you that you have seen something from the Lord. We are getting some type of confirming rhema words.
By the way, the Brownsville revival was a huge blessing to us in April 1997 when my family embarked on a journey of faith that still goes on today. We spent a week in Pensacola.
God bless you,
Pastor Jose Alvarez




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