“Intervention USA: Change Which Is Holy and Pure.” Forty Days of Prayer and Fasting.

I am persuaded that without God’s USA intervention, our country will be lost in darkness and despair.

I am convinced that prayer and fasting to Almighty God is the only hope left for our nation.

The 2012 Elections will be held on November 6th, 2012.

Our confidence is not on politicians or political parties, but on Christ Jesus, who sits on the throne of heaven.

Yet, there is little doubt that the outcome of these elections will spell to one of America’s most defining moments.

Not only are the results of the 2012 elections vital, but the destiny and purposes which God destined America for are being assaulted.

The staff at Doral Vineyard Church sensed to begin a forty day season of prayer and fasting on 9/11/2012, to commemorate one America’s greatest tragedies.

The fast will terminate at the end of the day of 10/20/2012.

This is a free will fast opened to any and all in the Body of Christ.

For those who attend Doral Vineyard Church, this is not a corporate church fast.

All social sites friends are welcomed to participate.

The fast will be at your own discretion.

Some will fast a meal, or multiple meals.

Others might fast coffee, others TV.

Some will only fast part of the time.

I will be updating daily with prayer points, thoughts and interjections on social sites.

People will be free to comment on what the Lord is showing them.

We will create a blog for those who want to blog their experiences.

There are other groups that will be doing their forty day fasts from September 28 through Election Day 2012.

If this is the prayer and fast that you prefer, here is a good link.


Any questions you have, please do not hesitate to write.

Blessings and thank you,

Jose Alvarez

Assistant Pastor Doral Vineyard







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