The disfranchisement of a vote and the voter.

MSNBC called it “an awkward moment.”

What do you call it?

I have not watched any of the conventions. I was startled by a clip which I saw from the DNC, though. It was scary. God and the Jerusalem were taken out of the DNC.

Personally I did not care because God accomplishes His will independently, regardless of what platform someone puts Him on.

But then like the Keystone Kopps under pressure, the DNC decided to reinstate God.

The speaker said that a 2/3 vote majority was needed on the floor. It was clear to everybody there that they did not have the 2/3 vote to put God back. At best it was 50/ 50.

In fact, God should have never been put back in the DNC platform, but He was.

What was scary was that the votes of the delegates at DNC were disfranchised yesterday.

The will of the voting delegates was poo pooed out of political pressure.

My friends, this is what happens in African politics.

If we begin to disfranchise voters and votes what will happen?

Watch the disfranchisement of a vote and the voter.

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