What Is Persecution?

I have seen another evil under the sun, as Solomon would have written in the Book of Ecclesiastes. “Human nature can be very odd at times. I have come across people who will persecute you and or what you stand for. When you see them you realize that what they persecute you for is something that they are subconsciously longing for. People who have time to persecute you are usually bored, lonely and empty people. They usually don’t have many friends. You become their obsession and cause, the thing that fills up their life, since they have little else. Deep down they are either envious, jealous of you, or fear you. Or if they try to control you, through persecution, they do so out of fear. The root of control is fear. The worse thing that you can do is to disengage them. They want you to react to their ongoing persecution, to feed their dysfunctional relationship, which they so desperately need. If you disengage them, what else can they do with their lives? Miserable creatures they are, and to be pitied. They need the love of God in Christ. Sounds like how we should fight all the devil’s lies.”


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