Why I Will Not Vote Democratic!

I get comments about God not picking sides in political parties, and they may be right.

God does not respect the status of man or woman’s political affiliation. Anyone who does right in His sight regardless of political affiliation He honors.

But for me, the obviousness is that one party has evident hostilities towards the very God whom I love, who is my destiny, my life, my purpose and who gave His life for me. It makes it a clear choice.

Secondly, a party who believes in the destruction of people made in the image of God, simply because they are not viable at one point to survive on their own, is another reason. The rejection of God and the rejection of people made in the image of God, as a follower Jesus Christ is all that I need to know.

And let no one tell me that God does not belong in party platforms. It’s not the platform; it’s what comes out of people’s mouths in their party platforms that is troublesome. Jesus said, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

My vote for the Democratic Party would be as that of a soccer player voting for an organization that hates soccer.


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