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Matt 11:16 ‘And to what shall I liken this generation? it is like little children in market-places, sitting and calling to their comrades,
17 and saying, We piped unto you, and ye did not dance, we lamented to you, and ye did not smite the breast.
I am not about to make a  political statement, but one which depicts the finickiness of fallen human nature, verifying the eternal accuracy of Jesus’s words.

Senator Harry  Reid decried foul when Mitt Romney would not release his tax returns.

When he does, instead of apologizing to Romney for falsely accusing him, which he should do at once, he blames Romney of hiring tax advisors who are wizards of sorts.

Romney gives thirty percent of his earnings to charities, which should be a sober lesson in unmitigated generosity to all of us.

But his generosity, say some,  is meted out so that Romney can…

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