Charles Finney One The Issue of Christians and Politics

And if Christians will do the same in politics, they will sway the

destinies of nations, without involving themselves at all in the base

and corrupting strife of parties. Only let Christians generally

determine to vote for no man for any office, that is not an honest man

and a man of pure morals, and let it be known that Christians are

united in this, whatever may be their difference in political

sentiments, and no man would be put up who is not such a character. In

three years it would be talked about in taverns and published in

newspapers, when any man is set up as a candidate for office, “What a

good man he is, how moral, how pious!” and the like. And any political

party would no more set up a known Sabbath-breaker, or a gambler, or a

profane swearer, or a whoremonger, or a rum-seller, as their candidate

for office, than they would set up the devil himself for president. The

carnal policy of many professors, who undertake to correct politics by

such means as wicked men employ, and who are determined to vote with a

party, let the candidate be ever so profligate, is all wrong–wrong in

principle, contrary to philosophy and common sense, and ruinous to the

best interests of mankind. The dishonesty of the church is cursing the

world. I am not going to preach a political sermon, I assure you. But I

want to show you, that if you mean in impress men favorably to your

religion by your lives, you must be honest, strictly honest, in

business, politics, and every thing you do. What do you suppose those

ungodly politicians, who know themselves to be playing a dishonest game

in carrying an election, think of your religion when they see you

uniting with them? They know you are a hypocrite!


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