Kicking The Can Down The Road, Once Again

I agree with Senators Rand and Rubio, some of the few flickering lights in Washington.

The fiscal cliff deal is nothing else than kicking a rusty and deteriorating can down the road, once again.

As a matter of fact, it’s actually a worse can, because for the 600 billion dollars of tax revenue there must had been 1.2 trillion dollars of spending cuts if Washington was really interested in the welfare of the nation.

But it doesn’t.

My understanding is that there is only something like 25 billion dollars in cuts.

So we will continue, as a nation which is bankrupt, to print up more play money.

So what have I learned from this?

It’s what Father Anthony De Mello said.

“Human beings really don’t want the cure, they simply want relief.”

They don’t want reality, they simply want their toys.”

“They don’t want to change as long as their pain is manageable.”

So the American can keeps on getting kicked down the road.

But then, the rest of the globe is also kicking their own cans down the road.

As long as everybody is kicking their own cans down the road, well, then now one is forced to face the piper, at least not for now, because we are doing the same thing.

So that the process of kicking cans down the roads, putting small band aids on huge cancers, and sweeping massive amounts of dust underneath tiny carpets may work a while longer.

On day it will catch up for many.

So it not my place to worry, and try to convince of what I know is right, because people don’t want to be convinced.

In 2013, I will love and enjoy people, be sure that I am fulfilling my destiny in Christ, and that I am not kicking my can of unreality down the road, and that I will want the cure and the change in all things that I am still deceiving myself.

Quite personally, I think that the American can will break apart and it will come to bite many, but only God knows the date and the hour, and I am not God.

Happy New Year everybody!

May you truly want the cure and the change that is real and eternal.


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