How Much Authority Do I Have?

Mark 1:21 And they went into Capernaum; and straightway on the sabbath day he entered into the synagogue, and taught.

The word straightway, or immediately, eutheos, is a most amazing word.
Pulpit Commentary defines it as such: This word “straightway” adds much force to the sentence. It marks the immediate effect of our Lord’s preaching.”
Most of Jesus healings and miracles were straightway.
For me, I can  put my faith in expecting the immediate effect of what I do for the Lord.

Mark 2:10  ‘And, that ye may know that the Son of Man hath authority on the earth to forgive sins — (he saith to the paralytic)  —

11  I say to thee, Rise, and take up thy couch, and go away to thy house’;

12  and he rose immediately, and having taken up the couch, he went forth before all, so that all were astonished, and do glorify God, saying — ‘Never thus did we see.’

Do I believe that this truly occurred or is just the words penned by a  malicious liar bent on deceiving people? Some devious fellow by the name of John Mark.

But if it is real, then what am I saying?

Here, the historical Jesus encounters a man who is crippled, unable to move, lying on a mat.

Jesus, by His power and words, immediately restores this man to such  perfect health that this one, once paralyzed, springs up to his feet, a sign of restoration, and now with enough strength in his once incapacitated limbs grabs his mat and goes home. This is so amazing!

What did Jesus know in His heart, that when He spoke  brought forth perfect health?

I can give a pat answer and say, “well, Jesus was God.”

I want to go deeper than that.

If in Christ Jesus, the One living in me, this truly abides, then one of the world’s solution to a most pressing issue, that of the cure of disease, is in Him.

Should I give my life for this?

Am I saying that in Christ Jesus is the key to the healing of all disease?

If true, what does He have that has not been revealed to me?

Such health and authority in Jesus to be able to do this!

The absolute revelation of these three verses holds more importance than all the pages of  all the bills meted out by Washington politics.

How much should I dedicate myself to acquiring this revelation?

“ God must be absolutely different. Otherwise he would be an object of our knowledge and comprehension, and not the ground of such comprehension. He is and remains so even when he is named and objectified in metaphysical and conceptual reflection. For this reason, then, he cannot be in need of the finite reality called “world,” because otherwise he would not be radically different from it, but would be part of a larger whole as is in the understanding of pantheism.” Karl Rahner: Foundations of Christian Faith

Stipulating from Rahner’s teaching. He states that God is so infinite, transcendental, supernatural, and mysterious, that human knowledge cannot comprehend Him. But then Paul tells me that I am being transformed into that same image of this one whom Rahner describes.

So who am I? What does it mean to my existence on this planet earth.

How much time should I dedicate to acquiring this revelation?



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