What Is Your Plan?

I am of the belief that the gospel of Jesus Christ, as it positively affects people, is the main key to the betterment of American society. The USA has gotten to the  sad place where posting Face Book statuses, liking stuff, tweeting, posting pretty jpegs, sharing articles, and signing petitions, does little, if nothing. I see a great challenge by the powers to be, to strip all sorts of constitutional rights from all sorts of people, and to do it quickly.  If the church remains asleep, things will be swept right from under its feet. It’s already happening.  We will end up with the unhappy song which the Rolling Stones sang, “You don’t know what you got till it’s gone.” The answer lies in that every Christian must be seeking God for a calling, a vision and get a plan to affect American society in a positive way. This is not the responsibility of the pastor but of every believer. I am of the belief that the church has many of the answers needed for the benefit of American society. It really need to wake up, and wake up now, and make the impact that it can make. The church is a sleeping giant who is not supposed to be sleeping, but it is. My question is, Christian what is your God-given plan to affect the USA with the love and power of God in the 2013?

2 thoughts on “What Is Your Plan?

  1. Such a powerful and truthful statement made. The church has been sleeping for quite a long time on a bed of laurels created by politicians and status in society. I intercede in agreement for an awakening of the body of Christ, in Jesus name! Amen.


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