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As we celebrate the National Day of Prayer I wanted to share with you a nugget concerning prayer, from the original languages of our Bible.

Mt 21:22 And <2532> all things <3956>, whatsoever <302> <3745> ye shall ask <154> (5661) in <1722> prayer <4335>, believing <4100> (5723), ye shall receive <2983> (5695).

In the instructions of Jesus to us out of Matthew 21:22 we find a few interesting points from the original Greek. The word “ask” is the Greek word “aiteoo”. Here the Lord is not talking about only offering generalized prayers but about very specific petitions and requests. This is what the word means. God enjoys our asking in specific and pinpointed petitions and will answer every one of them if they are brought to Him in faith.

“Aiteoo” in the Greek aorist tense. This verb tense is a most magnificent tense, one which is truly not found in…

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