What is Glory?

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Kabad, Kabed, and Kabod are all of the household of words which signify glory in the OT.
Some of the definitions for these words are heavy, great, massive, abundant, numerous, and rich, and in bad sense, oppressive and burdensome. Here we see the infinite wisdom of God in choosing the vehicle of glory to display His invisible kingdom.

Any kingdom operates in a vicinity or an area where the authority of the one in charge of it is exercised. Whether invisible or visible, a kingdom is established in a “place” or “places”, which defines that kingdom. That place, is made up of things or objects which constitute the “place”. Consequently many places obedient to the one ruling it, becomes a kingdom.

The invisible kingdom of God exists in many “places” in the realm of the dimension of the invisible heavens. Paul calls them heavenly “places”. As any earthly place is…

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