On Meeting Cynthia Nixon From Sex In The City

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My oldest daughter Lexy was a theater major in New York City.

Lexy was a stage manager with aspirations to work on Broadway.

On the ladder up to this prestigious bunch, Lexy gets her hands wet with what are labeled “ Off Off Broadway” and “Off Broadway” plays.

Several years back I traveled to the Big Apple, to visit Lexy and watch Shakespeare’s, “Twelfth Night”, which she worked with.

These people did a great job with the production, though I am not a Shakespeare fan.

Most of the seats were filled; I was in the back row. We were about twenty minutes into the play when a family walked in. I caught a glimpse of them from the corner of my eye.  The lady was gawking and staring into the pitch darkness for free seats. The only ones were next to me.

I did the neighborly thing. I stretched out…

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