The Juice For Miracles Is In The Jussive

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Whenever God speaks, there is the birth of a new cosmic order.

God did not command creation by the imperative, or a mere simple command, but rather, the jussive.

The jussive describes a command coming out of a strong personal desire or wish, in the heart.

When God created, He was speaking to Himself out of what He desired or wish to see happen in the world

When you command something in the Name of Jesus, see to it that it comes out of a desire that it’s in your heart, birthed by God’s Spirit.

If it is, it will very much more happen, than a simple disconnected command given during prayer time.

Look at nine instances of the jussive in the Genesis creation account. This is vastly important in a miracle ministry.

This is why I say that the juice for miracles is in the jussive.

3 And God said…

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