A Tale Of Fidel and the Ice Cream.

I once heard a story about El Comandante Fidel Castro. This is how he indoctrinated young Cuban children.

His soldiers, named “milicianos’,  would visit Cuban elementary schools.

They would gather the children and ask them, “who of you believe in God?” Every little hand jettisoned to the air. “Who here loves ice cream?” . Even quicker than before, little arms shot up, giggles and wide eyes staring into soldiers’ faces.

“Well, close your eyes, bow your heads, and pray to God to bring you ice cream now!” Dutifully, little heads bowed down, as the children prayed in earnest.

“Now, open your eyes”, retorted a soldier. Of course, there was no ice cream.

“Now, pray to Fidel Castro, and ask him to bring you ice cream!” Little heads and hearts stooped once again. “Now open your eyes!” Every soldier held a sumptuous ice cream cone.


There are a few things which I remember from my homeland. We fled penniless when I was six. Castro nationalized both of my father’s businesses.

As we exited the Jose Marti Airport to come to Miami, Castro’s men called us worms.

I remember the bomb that went off at the Havana harbor when I was watched the Three Stooges at a movie theater.  We ran outside to see broken glass and the wailing of ambulance sirens.

I remember when Castro’s soldiers barged into our upper class home, and ransacked our drawers and closets.

I remember hearing stories of Castro having dump trucks collide into each other in the middle of the night, in my neighborhood, to frighten the wealthy.

I remember the great Cuban singer, Benny More, mercilessly beaten to death in a Cuban prison.

I remember my grandmother’s school, El Instituto Edison, one the finest in the nation, stolen from her.

I remember people making coffee from ground black beans.

I remember women as they fled Cuba being stripped search in their private parts for hidden jewelry.

I remember people still driving cars from the 1950’s.

I remember a nation that is silent, for it lives in terror of a government that will imprison, torture or kill its people, if it speaks out against it.

These socialists preach wealth distribution to all expect themselves. Every single one of them are millionaires.

Every single one of them successfully disarmed their nations through gun control while remaining armed to the hilt and quickly subjugated the country, through gun control.

For those of you in America who love Castro, or Che Guevera, who was a hyper racist, and cherish the utopic socialist dream, I pray that you won’t eat the wrong ice cream.


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