As a Matter of Fact, I Have Come to Enjoy the Poop!

Proverbs 14: 4  Where no oxen are, the crib is clean (from food, water and poop); but much increase is by the strength of the ox.

God is looking for good leaders more than He is for good ministers. There are many ministers and ministries. Good leaders are hard to find, though.

God is looking for problem solvers. Many will see the problem but few will get their hands dirty to solve it. If we are only looking for the success of our ministry without first becoming a good leader in it, we will miss God’s higher purpose.

The church is full of people who rightfully see the problems but will do little to solve them.

Solutions come through forgiving, relating, sharing, praying,  getting dirty in people’s poop, confronting, a willingness to also be wrong and learn, sacrificing time and resources, vulnerability, transparency,  accessibility to others, and to know people and be known by them.   This is leadership.

It’s the capacity to forgive those who have wrong you in your innocence.  It’s the ability to walk the extra mile with them in order show the  love of Christ. It’s the aptitude of demonstrating continuing patience, when they are undeserving.

Forgiving our enemy allows us to see the potential which Christ has placed in them and pray accordingly. Our prayers will bring the conviction of God upon them.

At the same time, forgiveness does not demand our becoming a floor mat for an enemy to step on.  Loving confrontation tempered with forgiveness is a must. A good leader juggles forgiveness and godly confrontation all at one time.

A good leader makes himself accessible to those who he leads. He is not the high and mighty man of God. Jesus , was a “ normal Joe” and so must we. Jesus was never too busy for people and so must I.

Many come to me, “ pastor, I know that you are busy,”. My reply is, “ if Jesus was never too busy, how can I?’

Proverbs 14: 4  Where no oxen are, the crib is clean (from food, water and poop); but much increase is by the strength of the ox.

Where there are cows, there is sure poop in the stable. If we want a program driven church where few are given a chance to grow we might not have much poop. If you want a tidy church, then don’t disciple. If you don’t care for the poop, don’t  take a chance on raising up others. Stay with your tightly controlled programs.

But if we are relationship driven and want to raise others, we must be ready for the poop to come. Revival is messy. Revival is relational. Revival involves the cattle.

Good leaders must be willing to get their hands dirty with spiritual poop. If you simply want to prophesy to the poop and stay clean you are are missing the higher calling.  If you run away from the poop without attempting to clean it up first, you are also missing God’s higher purpose.

I am risk taker with the God-given potential of those around me. Love, belongs to those who relinquish control, who pioneer, and replicate themselves into others. Love belongs to those who pass the baton and push themselves out of a job for the sake of upcoming generations.

Many will run away from the problem, but who will remain and solve it?  This is the mark of a leader.

A minister can have a ministry and gauge his or her success through the ministry, but God is not satisfied with that.

It’s impossible to accurately judge a situation without entering into relationships and spend time with the people who created it. I have discovered that I can only adequately judge a situation when I have spent real-time and involvement with the people who are in it.

It’s easy to prophesy to the problem from the outside without paying the price to get involved, get your hands dirty, and solve it. As a matter of fact, a prophecy from the outside without getting involved with those to whom you are prophesying it to, will always be “only partially correct.”

Some will complain about an person, but very few will spend time to mentor and disciple that person. This is the call of the hour.

There are others who will run from meeting to meeting or church to church looking for the greener grass, but few will change for the better what they have been called do in the first place. As my friend Dr. Lawton Smith would say, “We need less saluting and more shooting.”

As I grow older, I am convinced that healthy church growth will only occur with relationship minded people. I feel that people are tired of “churchiness” and are looking for relationships, reality, loving confrontation to their brokenness and ample forgiveness for their sins.   I am tired of meetings just for meetings sake. I think that God is as well.

As a matter of fact, I have come to enjoy the poop!

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At a baptism in Maasai Land, Maashuru, Kenya.

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