If God Cannot Be Shared On the Battle Field, We Have Become Reprobate

If one’s faith cannot be shared on the battle field , where there is fear, injury, and death, we have either moved  into reprobate thinking, where good becomes evil and evil good.

We suffer from a great malady called, ” hardness of heart.”

Or we have entered the end of the end times.

Or its time for a revival!

The church has the answers and thus is rightfully a giant. Yet, it is a giant which woefully sleeps.

The church must wake up and assume the leadership which humanity seeks.

The church will be held accountable, if it does not wake up.

If for nothing else, such articles must get us upon our knees and pray.

If we are not stirred up, by such nonsense, our faith is not where it should be.

Hers is the link to the article


This afternoon , the Air Force came out with their position.



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