An Invitation to Join The Religious Academia Think Forum

 The Religious Academia Think Forum

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“The word comes from the akademeia in ancient Greece, which derives from the Athenian hero, Akademos. Outside the city walls of Athens, the gymnasium was made famous by Plato as a center of learning. The sacred space, dedicated to the goddess of wisdom, Athena, had formerly been an olive grove, hence the expression “the groves of Academe.”

In these gardens, the philosopher Plato conversed with followers. Plato developed his sessions into a method of teaching philosophy and in 387 BC, established what is known today as the Old Academy.

By extension Academia has come to mean the cultural accumulation of knowledge, its development and transmission across generations and its practitioners and transmitters. In the 17th century, British and French scholars used the term to describe types of institutions of higher learning.” Wikipedia

Welcome to this forum.

The group is opened to people of all faiths.

Atheists, Agnostics, Christians, Buddhists, Animists. Muslims, Scientologists, Hinduism, Mormons and Wicca and more!

Everybody is welcomed!

All viewpoints are welcomed.

I encourage all topics and discussions to follow the guidelines of what academia is. The discussion of religion from viewpoints of higher learning, the transmission of knowledge , scholastic discussions, all from your points of view, is part of academia.

I will not allow any discussions about homosexuality and or gay marriage. This is a volatile hot trigger issue which I never discuss except face to face with a person.

Abortion can be discussed only from an academic or scholastic viewpoint, regardless of what it is.

I will not allow culture wars, or the bashing of one person or belief system by another.

I will lovingly warn, when I see this, and then delete the comment if not heeded.

Members who persistently desire to engage in culture wars will be asked to leave from the group.

In my last group, people left because they became offended, sometimes with reason, and sometimes without good reason

Please, let us not offend, and try not to become offended.

My world, has God in it, and He loves people, regardless of their belief.

 So I say, once again, welcome to one and to all!

Here is the link

The first topic is:

For many, freedom is the power to choose as they will and do anything that they will. This is called, freedom of choice. But for Jesuit theologian Karl Rahner freedom has to do with the fulfillment of human existence in its unity and totality. In other words, freedom is the conscientious choices that man or woman make towards becoming the complete human that he was created to be in all of his unity and totality. In the Christian belief, the work of Jesus Christ was to re-open the door for human being to become the transcendental, supernatural, eternal creature, liberated from death and corruption, and fit to the enjoy the realms of eternal glories, in company of the eternal God. This is what Rahner calls the fulfillment of human existence in its complete unity and totality. Hence any pre conceived freedom which man performs which does not take him towards the fulfillment of this human existence as an eternal creature in the presence of God is really not freedom but slavery. 

Discuss what freedom means to you and how can that freedom be achieved?




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