The Future Of The Real Media

Of all the talk radio personalities, the most thought provoking one is Glenn Beck. I cannot get my information anymore from the media, for its information is disinformation. As a matter of fact, I am getting my news either from tweets during a crisis, Face book friends, or fellow bloggers, just like me. The reality of who people are is not portrayed either by Washington politicians or the media. What comes out from these two sources is really something from another planet. Beck says that the success of the media comes in that a certain unity among it sources to transmit its disinformation. The Associated Press and the United Press international were created just for the purpose, to bring an association or unity of the media for the transmittal of information. Beck goes on to say that among people who wish to transmit truth, this association or uniting of sources does not exist. He wants to have an association of bloggers,  who are on the same page. Quite frankly, I believe that the future, and the future is now, for the transmittal of accurate news is in the hands of bloggers and tweeters. I don’t know what my part is in all of this, but it’s definitely thought-provoking. No longer can I look to the media as my source of information. I am praying and thinking.


3 thoughts on “The Future Of The Real Media

  1. The O’Reilly Factor and Hannity on Fox news really does an honest job and they have other commentators that ‘know’ thier stuff. Check out Renew America also online truth source.


    • Hi Paula, thank for your comment. I don’t fully trust O Reilly, he sways on some issues, which really bugs me. Hannity I like. But I am thinking more of a grass root movement among normal Joes and Janes, just like us. Bloggers and tweeters who have little agenda and little to lose. They simply report from their hearts
      Many blessings


  2. I agree that the media is biased, but were are the people you are getting your “News” from getting their Information from? In most cases they are getting their info from one of these sources, and puting their own spin on it as well! Twitter and facebook make it like the story being passed in a classroom, Each person changes it a little! We need a reliable source for news, but I don’t think the social networks are they way to go!

    I don’t claim to have a good answer, but we definately need a better source for news!


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