The Tapestry of Worship Is Soaking

A friend gave me some revolutionary and life changing advice.

He said that if as a Christian, there is sickness or pain or bondage in my life, it’s a sign that I am not soaking enough in God’s presence.

Mind you, this is not a golden rule. God is not limited to healing, or not healing, through worship soaking in His presence, or not soaking.

Yet, it got me thinking that though I do spend intimate time with God, I do not soak in His presence through worship music.

There are afflictions which I struggle with which seem to be slow in leaving.

Now with the blessing of You Tube you can find something like Alberto and Kimberly Rivera or Grace Williams Soaking Music Remix, put in on “Auto Play” and enjoy two nonstop hours of soaking music.

Try it for yourself.

I began last night as I went to sleep.

Two hours of soaking in God’s presence last night and two hours this morning.

My Lord!  My life is being revolutionized.

How I can feel the Spirit move and work, restoring, healing, delivering, setting me free, removing the pain…

This is what I was missing!

I believe this is what most of us are missing.

I lie down on my bed, and do nothing but let the Spirit of God minister to me.

I thank my friend for this timely advice, for  the tapestry of worship is soaking.


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