Revival! Northeast!

John 9:4b “Night is coming, when no one can work”

For America, revival is no longer the option; it’s the requirement, and her only hope. America has entered a night without a moral compass. The compass was lost, when she stopped valuing God. Now, no one can work to bring America out of the night, except God. The key is revival, where God sovereignly works.  

In 2007, Mary and I had a prospering ministry In East Africa, named Safari through the Word.

We lived in Kenya and ministered throughout the nation hosting Bible conferences.

We visited Uganda and Tanzania, and were courting invitations to minister in other countries.

In the midst of this God spoke to us; “I need you more in America than in Africa.”

At the end of 2007 we relocated to Miami, Florida.

Since then, we have been assistant pastors at Doral Vineyard.

The religious decline of America commenced in the 60’s when prayer and the Bible were removed from public schools.

Directly proportional to America’s rejection of God has been the loss of its moral compass.  Today, the USA is a ship agonizing on the waves of uncertainty, tossed to and fro by the whims of amorality and secularism.

The church has longed for revival for many years.

Today revival is no longer the option, it is the requirement, and America is ripe for it.

If the USA does not experience a spiritual awakening, I cannot imagine what she will become.

During trips to New York City to visit our daughter Lexy, God spoke about a coming revival to the Northeast.

We got connected with Pastors David and Sue Kim of Silver Springs Vineyard Church of Nyack, New York, forty-five minutes from Manhattan.

David and Sue have the same passion for revival in the northeast.

In March of this year we did four weeks of revival meetings at Silver Springs. Without advertisement except Face Book and word of mouth, they were filling up with folks not just from Nyack, but the Bronx, Brooklyn and New Jersey.

We saw a sovereign move of God.

During that trip we met with Pastor Greg Manalli, of Fellowship of Life Church, in Cheshire, Connecticut.

He has prayed for revival in the northeast for more than thirty years.

Pastor Greg showed us three paintings of a vision which he got in 1980’s,

In it the bellows of God blew revival winds into the New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts area with a great resultant harvest of souls.

The northeast is uniquely situated for a move of God which can touch millions at one time.  There is no other region like it. Boston, Philadelphia, New York City, Baltimore, and Washington DC, are all along the 1 -95 corridor and just hours from each other. Breaking revival in one area will quickly spread through this corridor.

Next year in March, we will move to Nyack from Miami to continue with this work of revival, as God shifts things into high gear.

Emerging Inc. is 501C3 Florida Non Profit Corporation.

Thank and many blessings.

Jose and Mary Alvarez




Pastor Manallis 80’s vision of the bellow revival winds of God bringing revival to the NE.


The second part of the vision of the bearing of the fruit of entire households. You can see homes in the grapes.


Pastor Greg Manalli of Fellowship of Life Churh and Mary. Pastor Manalli is showing Mary the painting of the Northeast revival.


From left to right: Jose, Pastor Ralph Gomez, Doral Vineyard, Jeff and Melva Beacham, Cathy Gomez of Doral Vineyard, and Mary in NJ.


Mary and Sue Kim


Pastor David Kim of Silver Springs Vineyard Church of Nyack


The great ensuing Northeast harvest!


The uniqueness of the North East part of the country, where many can experience revival at one time.


Revival meetings in Nyack NY in March and April.


Revival meetings in Nyack NY in March and April.

1-301662_10151493440737287_306758678_n (1)

Revival meetings in Nyack NY in March and April.


Revival meetings in Nyack NY in March and April.

1-734397_10151486806452287_1022695575_n (1)

Revival meetings in Nyack NY in March and April.


Revival meetings in Nyack NY in March and April.


Revival meetings in Nyack NY in March and April.


Revival meetings in Nyack NY in March and April.


Revival meetings in Nyack NY in March and April.

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