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This was the beginning of our testimony of faith in 1994. We still continue to live by faith. If you want us to come to your church and speak, please contact us.

“Give away our home?” I asked.  The discernment that my wife Mary had was right.  This act of obedience was to be the biggest step of faith that has taken us to where we are today.

Our family of six, by today’s standards lived a very comfortable and blessed existence.  We owned a paid off, cherry wood furnished condominium in Miami Florida. (SEE THE ATTACHED “SATISFACTION OF MORTGAGE IMAGE”)

I had a successful career with a major Hispanic television network, and our future finances were almost secured due to family wealth.  God had bonded us as a tightly knit and loving family.  Yet Mary and I were terribly disillusioned.  Christianity, as we knew it, had become disappointing and…

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Utter Shame

Earlier today, an important hearing regarding the attack on Benghazi was being held by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

The parents of the Benghazi heroes who died fighting to protect the US consulate were about to speak.

Then, in a turn of events that’s disgusting even by DC standards, a number of the folks of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee stood up and walked out.

Apparently, they were either protesting or trying to show disrespect — either way, if there was any honor in their districts at all, this would end their careers.

I have modified the article, because political parties don’t matter, but the individuals who did this do

Spread this far and wide — their names should be known and shamed. If you live in one of these states you should write a complaint or make a phone call to their respective office.

Carolyn Maloney, NY

Danny Davis, IL

Eleanor Holmes Norton, DC

Gerald E. Connolly, VA

Jim Cooper, TN

John Tierney, MA

Mark Pocan, WI

Matt Cartwright, PA

Michelle Lujan Grisham, NM

Peter Welch, VT

Stephen Lynch, MA

Steven Horsford, NV

Tammy Duckworth, IL

Tony Cardenas, CA

William Lacy Clay, MO

if you are in one of these states, find these people on Face Book and write to them as well.


“My Journey to Africa” by Sarah G. Alvarez

This entry in as essay written by my daughter Sarah Alvarez as part of a submission to one of her college classes.

In 2005, my parents uprooted my family to Kenya, Africa. Living in a third world country proved to be an experience that changed my life forever. At the time, I did not realize how much of a significant part of my journey it would become, shaping me into the woman that I am today.

Needless to say, as you can imagine, living in a third world country was a humbling experience. From the moment you step off the airplane you are taken back by the poverty that the people of Kenya live in. Kids roam the streets without shoes, families live in small shacks, and clean water is a luxury. On a day-to-day basis, food is no guarantee. Health is an afterthought, and survival is the priority. Many people watch the news and hear the stories of a third world country from their own home, and have the comfort of being able to change the channel and forget about it all. However, it is another thing to immerse yourself in that environment and face the true reality of what it is to walk in the shoes of the less fortunate in Kenya. People cleanse themselves with unsanitized water contaminated with bugs and bacteria. It is a rare luxury to have a shower, and an even rarer luxury to take a hot shower. The toilets consist of a deep hole in the dirt, and if you asked a local from Kitengela if they had ever heard of a refrigerator, their answer would most likely be no. Even living there, I cannot say that I fully endured the poverty that so many around me did, but in my year and a half in Kenya I experienced just a small dose of what life is and always will be for millions of people.

Initially, moving to Kenya, I don’t think that any of us anticipated it to be as difficult as it was.  Leaving the United States with just your parents, three siblings, two Chihuahua’s , and just a few bags is no easy task. We were leaving a whole life behind us. A life that we were all so accustomed to knowing. A life where we had our friends, family, and even small comforts that I soon learned to never take for granted. As time passed, we adjusted bit by bit through the culture shock, but I would be lying if I said that there weren’t any days where I stayed in my bed crying. I was home sick. I longed to see familiar faces, and to go about with my normal routine which I had in America. I wanted to eat the food that I usually ate, and watch the television that I usually watched. Adjustment was the most difficult task of them all, and I don’t think that I would have been able to do it without my family’s love and support. We helped each other through it all. Whether that being my hilarious brother trying to go out of his way to make his sisters laugh instead of cry, or even just being homesick together, it helped tremendously.

Finally, the impacting realization that I took away from this experience, was that I came to see how grateful I am to be an American. So many of us take for granted the little things that I have already described. Whether that is food, clean water, shelter, or other basic needs. But more so, we take for granted the very country we live in. We often do not realize that compared to so many others out there, we have it amazingly well. We need to be proud of where we have come from, and most of all, be thankful for everything we have been blessed with.

All in all, the experience of living in a third world country shaped me into who I am today for a number of reasons. First, my year and a half in Kenya humbled me greatly.  It reminded me more than ever how important my family is to me. Also, it has taught me to never take for granted being an American, our rights and the freedom that so many others would do anything for. It is important to give thanks every day for what we have, big and small. There is so much to be grateful for in the world, whether that is family, health, or maybe even just hot water and food. But it is our job to never, even for one second, take what we have in life for granted.


Sarah Alvarez in Central Park, NYC, NY.


Spiritual Gift Activation Meetings

Emerging, Inc. has been activating people in them spiritual gifts for thirty years. God uses us to begin a number of home meetings worldwide and baptize believers in the Holy Spirit. Jose and Mary execute this by the impartation and activation of spiritual gifts, the raising up of the believer into their ministries, and their release to function within the local body.


Activating believers in Nyack, NY to release the power of the Holy Spirit

Please contact us for spiritual gift activation meetings at your church or meetings.  or (305) 299-0633 to speak to us.


Activating believers in Nyack, NY to release the power of the Holy Spirit


Revival Meetings

Emerging, Inc. functions in breakthrough, no agenda, Spirit led revival meetings.

We are spark igniters and fire starters in nations, cities, churches and meetings where God uses us in.

Emerging, Inc. operates in signs and wonders, prophecy, healings and deliverances.

Please contact us at  or (305) 299-0633 to speak to us about setting up meetings with you.


Navajo Nation Revival, Farmington NM


Open Heavens over Kiminini Kenya


West Union Ohio Conference


Revival meetings, Nyack, NY


Baptisms, Miami, Florida


Church Consulation Services

Emerging, Inc. offers consultation services to churches and or people on a plethora of Christian related matters.

Jose and Mary have been Christians for thirty-five years.

They have their own ministry Emerging, Inc. since 2004.

Jose and Mary have functioned globally in charismatic gifts for twenty years.

They had a church in New Mexico and are assistant pastors at Doral Vineyard in Miami since 2008.

They have been in the mission field for nearly twenty years living in Africa and the Native American Nations of the Southwest.

Next year they will move to New York to contribute in the work of revival in the north east.

Jose and Mary bring their vast spiritual experience to churches and people on issues such as church government.

Some of these are NT church theory in accordance to scriptures, church government, crisis and conflict resolution, issues affecting pastors, mentoring and releasing people in the use of spiritual gifts, and much more.

Please contact us at  or (305) 299-0633 to speak to us.


Pastors Breakfast, Aram, Kenya


Seamless “tailor-made” Bible Seminars

Emerging, Inc. crafts customized Bible seminars from expositional materials as an enhancement to your ministry’s needs.

Jose is an apostolic Bible teacher who has spent twenty-five years studying Scriptures in their original languages of Hebrew and Greek.

God uses Jose to demonstrate the Biblical patterns and foundations to the local church.

His passion is to take the precision of the Bible in its original languages and convey it in a simple way relevant to the 21st century believer.

We discuss the goals of your church and create a seamless “tailor-made” seminar just for you.

We travel out to your ministry globally by invitation.

Sample teachings can be seen at

Please contact us at  or (305) 299-0633 to speak to us.

Thank you,

Jose and Mary


Apostolic Bible Conference, Maashuru, Kenya