The Beginning Of Our Walk of Faith!

Our updated testimony

The Church "In The Cloud" Blog

This was the beginning of our testimony of faith in 1994. We still continue to live by faith. If you want us to come to your church and speak, please contact us.

“Give away our home?” I asked.  The discernment that my wife Mary had was right.  This act of obedience was to be the biggest step of faith that has taken us to where we are today.

Our family of six, by today’s standards lived a very comfortable and blessed existence.  We owned a paid off, cherry wood furnished condominium in Miami Florida. (SEE THE ATTACHED “SATISFACTION OF MORTGAGE IMAGE”)

I had a successful career with a major Hispanic television network, and our future finances were almost secured due to family wealth.  God had bonded us as a tightly knit and loving family.  Yet Mary and I were terribly disillusioned.  Christianity, as we knew it, had become disappointing and…

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