What Is Inside of You, For This Is Who You Are

 Philemon 1:6  that the sharing of your faith may become effective in full knowledge of every good thing which is in us in Christ Jesus.

 Greek Paraphrase:

“That the sharing of your faith would become energized, effective, or productive in yielding results, in proportion to your full, precise, and accurate knowledge, which is progressive in its revelation, and so thorough that it can change you,  of every good thing which Christ has deposited into your spirit.”

It’s about getting the revelation of what is already inside of you.

In proportion to your knowing what is inside is the manifestation of who you are.

The greatest ministry does not come in doing, but in being.

The greatest ministry comes out of who you are, and not in what you can do.

You can only give what you have. Do you know what you have?

 And in order have and thus to be,  you must know what has been deposited in you.

This dictates who you are.

The Christian is restored to the perfect image of God.

Everybody was created in the image of God, but sin, marred that image.

Image produces identity.

A marred image produces a plethora of marred identities. This is the huge problem with humanity. Everybody is walking around with mistaken identities.

God creates out of His image, for He knows what He carries inside.

The Christian is being restored into that perfect image.

Christian, do you know what is inside of you, or do you still function out of your marred image?

The key to knowing is the spirit of wisdom and revelation in Christ.

Revelation comes through the Spirit of God, as you talk little and listen much to what the Spirit is revealing to you.

Who are you, and what do you carry inside of you?

This is the key to ministry.


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