New Winers

Who are the new winers?

2Co 13:4  for he was crucified through weakness, yet he liveth through the power of God. For we also are weak in him, but we shall live with him through the power of God toward you.

It comes out a crucified life that is lived through us by the revealed person of Christ

Ro 1:1  Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an apostle, separated unto the gospel of God,

His only right is to be a slave of God.

God takes full care of that believer.

His responsibility is to hear the voice of God and obey so that God can move through Him in the fullness of His power.  If our control has died, then God controls us and execute His plans through us in His perfect timing and touches many souls.

The new wine believer or church has no programs and agendas but a life of obeying the Spirit of the living God, moment by moment and that with instant joyful obedience.

As we do not know where the wind goes so the believer whom would live in this new wine must allow God to blow him or her where He desires. It is a life of exciting hardship, challenge, living on the edge and unboring sacrifice.

As Mother Teresa said, we become God’s pencil and God uses us in tremendous ways.

The believer must not have his or her whole life etched in stone.  Their main priority is to be attentive to the voice of the Master to change their life, their plans, and their destiny for God at a moment’s instance.  God will do great things through the believer that is at His disposal.

The new wine believer does not cry out for revival.  He or she is a revival.

Wherever they go God flows through Him in unlimited power, at His perfect timing and executes His eternal plans to affect many souls. God can do that because the new wine believer hears the voice of the Spirit clearly.  God uses him as razor-sharp instrument.

The new wine believer walks totally by faith so that God can take him or her where He wants, use him as He wants, and when He wants.

Faith must become a totally normal way of life. Faith cannot be taught.  Faith must be lived out.

If we live by sight it will keep us bounded in the littleness of our own comfort, our own safety, our own understanding schemes and our control and mind.  Our lives will always be meager and limited bound by our frail human limitations

We will live out of His strength, His eternal plans that will affect countless people for eternity and His power

Miracles, signs and wonders happen always when we come to this end of ourselves. This end forces God to act for us.

In this country we depend so much on ourselves on our money and our comforts that God does not have to act on our behalf.  Hence we never see His power.  We live powerless and bored lives.

We must go through a time an extended financial want and testing deep enough and long so as to learn how to place our trust in God and not money.

We must come to place where our whole dependency is upon God and not upon our money and our control. Then God can lead us freely, He can powerfully act and perform through us.  He can give to us more and more.

We Christians can have so many problems with finances, because God cannot bless us with much money. He cannot trust us. We are too alive, too much in control; too much selfishness still plagues us. God fears that our hearts might stray from Him with the love of money

Ch 22:14  Now, behold, in my trouble I have prepared for the house of the LORD an hundred thousand talents of gold, and a thousand thousand talents of silver; and of brass and iron without weight; for it is in abundance: timber also and stone have I prepared; and thou mayest add thereto.

If a talent of gold today is one million dollars, then David’s contribution just in gold was one trillion dollars to the building of God’s house. It’s not about the monetary amount, but the passion in David’s heart for God that made him great. Do I have this passion for Him?


Baptizing in Lake Victoria, Kenya




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