Big Fruit

The rhema word, differs from the logos word.

Jesus is called the Logos Word.

The Logos Word describes an idea or concept.

Jesus defined to humanity the concept of the invisible Heavenly Father.

The rhema word on the other hand, is a specific and living word given by the Holy Spirit to meet you in a specific circumstance.

It’s essential for us to learn to hear and live by the rhema word.

 Luke 5:5  And Simon answering said unto him, Master, we have toiled all the night, and have taken nothing: nevertheless at thy RHEMA word I will let down the net.  

The disciples of Jesus had been painfully laboring throughout the night to catch fish, and had produced little.  This story tragically defines the activity of our churches.

Much of our work has been spent upon programs, agendas, and committees, and little upon the guidance, strategy, and power of the Holy Spirit through the rhema word.

The church is notorious for sowing much and reaping little because of this

If we would get less busy and spend more time listening to and doing the rhema word of the Holy Spirit, big fruit is guaranteed.

Notice that the “one rhema” of Jesus brought a huge catch.

Without ever compromising the gospel of the power of God, the church must get the strategy of God through His rhema word to be relevant in this social media culture.

Christian leaders must become spiritual entrepreneurs by the rhema word.



Who has the best ideas? I think that its Jesus. @ The Met, NYC

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