These kids really touched our hearts. We were in Mombasa, Kenya on the Indian Ocean. The pastor, whose house we were staying at, was going to be wed the day that we left to continue our conference tour. There were tons of people staying in this one bedroom and one bathroom apartment. Mary and I were given the only bedroom in the house. The night of the wedding all of these kids were having their hair done and outfitted for the wedding. They had been up the whole night sitting in a narrow and crowded hallway between our bedroom and the bathroom. We did not hear one single complaint.


I met Grace last December. In this picture she is cooking inside a manata. ( Maasai home). She is a true woman of God. Turasha, her husband, is an alcoholic and a next door neighbor to Pastor Samuel Kinaya (pervious picture). When I was at Simba in December, I heard allot of screaming and coughing in the middle of the night. I found out that this was the way that Turasha got when he was drunk. I prayed with Turasha and told him that God had sent a white man all of the way from the USA to talk to him. He invited the Lord into His life then. On this trip we found out that Turasha was not walking with the Lord but that God had healed him of the cough. It was weird to hear him scream in the middle of the night once again, but this time without a cough. We tried to find him but he was gone from his home early in the morning. Grace really stands in faith for her husband’s salvation.


We were preaching in a church in western Kenya. When it was time to take up an honorarium for Mary and me, the preacher said. “ These men of God have come from the US to minister to us. Give them something. If you have nothing give them a leaf, a blade of grass, but give them something.” During the worship song for the collection, I closed my eyes. When I opened them, I was shocked to see this child laying in front of my feet. It turned out to be that the mother had nothing to give, except her child. How serious was she we, will never know. We blessed the child and gave him back to her.


Pastor Joseph Ole Zapati in the man in the middle. His sister is to his right and brother in law to his left. Pastor Joseph has tirelessly ministered to his fellow Maasai for years. A modern day revival is occurring with the Maasai. Twenty odd years ago, the Name of Jesus had not been heard. We had not known that Pastor Joseph shepherded and attended Bible conferences, but as many Maasai, could not read. By the grace of God we were able to give some money to take some reading classes. This is the spirit of sacrifice for the gospel.


This is one of the very first churches which we ministered in Kenya. KIbera, ranks second only to Soweto in South Africa as the largest of slums. As you can tell this church has no roof, yet everyone thoroughly enjoyed our ministry. We saw a number of healings. I wonder if sometimes we miss it in the USA, majoring in the minors, and minoring in the majors.


God works in a breakthrough revival spirit. But to see that , we must be willing to go where God sends us. Here I am in Kenya ready to take a bath in my bath stall using muddied well water.



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