Carving Out Time To Think

This is an important video by Noreena Hertz.

The brightest entrepreneurs are those who think and implement their ideas.

God is the idea creator par excellence.

The church is in need of entrepreneurial ideas which the Holy Spirit downloads.

In 2014 the Holy Spirit wants to break into the word’s kingdom with His amazing ideas.

I am good at listening to the Holy Spirit.

I’ve not been good at asking the Holy Spirit to download His ideas which will get the church out of the doldrums of windless things which don’t work.

I have never given myself time to think with the Holy Spirit’s ideas.

Let’s face it, we have the mind of Christ. Let’s put it into use in 2014.

As Noreena says, we need to carve out a daily time to think. And I add, not to think alone, but to think with the Holy Spirit.  

If the church is to be relevant to this generation we need to implement the Holy Spirits ideas.

Click on the orange link.


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