South Florida Weekly Healing Meetings

South Florida Weekly Healing Meetings

In our recent trip to New Mexico, God told me to devote a meeting just for physical healing. We did so, and saw wonderful miracles occur.
Since that day, God released a unique healing anointing over our ministry.
Until our move to New York in the middle part of 2014, God has instructed us to do as many weekly South Florida healing meetings as possible.
The meetings will be hosted in different homes, so that folks can invite their friends and family who need a touch from God.
The first meeting will be at the home of Fernando and Emily Serrano, on Friday, January 3rd, at 7:00 PM. @
13458 SW 118 PL, Miami Fl. 33186
If you need any more information, please Facebook me, email me at ,or call me at 305.299.0633.
All those who need a healing please come! We are seeing God show up mightily!
Many blessings and thank you,
Jose and Mary Alvarez


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