Mount Mary!

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Here is s story of why it’s so important to live by the voice of the Holy Spirit.

I remember a specific incident when we had lived in New Mexico.

God had called us by faith to leave Miami, Florida and move to New Mexico.

We were almost penniless and I did not have a job.  My family lived in a tiny duplex between two Indian Nations, the Santo Domingo Pueblo Indians and the Cochiti Pueblo Indians. We did not have a washing machine and would take our laundry to the laundry mat at Cochiti Pueblo.

Having no money we had amassed, nineteen loads of laundry.

We lovingly called the huge mountain of laundry in the middle of the bedroom, where we had to repeatedly wear dirty clothes from, “Mount Mary,” after my wife.

From babysitting one day, my wife got $20.00.

Hurriedly we went to do our laundry in…

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