The Magical Mystery Toilet In the Corn Field Potty Tour.


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Ndeda Island is a Kenya landmass of fishermen in Lake Victoria.

This huge lake is Africa’s largest.  It is renowned in part for its abundant yield of brown bass and tilapia.

The 10,000 who live in Ndeda Island catch the fish and haul it to coastal towns such as Kisumu where it is sold.

Mary, my wife, and I, were invited in 2007 to host a Bible conference on this bustling island.

Upon our arrival to the shores of the island, most of its children hurriedly gathered around our boat. For most, they had never seen a white person (mzungu).

We were a novelty, a new toy for them to play with, and for the next five days, they were glued to us.

I was sadly informed that Ndeda Island did not have a single toilet ( choo) to accommodate its thousands of inhabitants.

Their potty was a vast corn…

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