For God, Its Never Too Late To Start

I was in a meeting in which I was asked to pray for the numerous in the prayer line.

The power of God fell and some got slained in the Spirit.

I was hard press to find a brother who would catch.

As I got to the end of the line, I waived my hand at the recipient and the power of God pushed her back against the seats.

Sitting right smack behind was an aged man no less than in the mid-eighties.

I looked at him for help. God’s power was flowing like a river. There was no telling what would happen next.

Capturing my distressed eyes, this man help me catch those who went down.

After the meeting, I thanked and shook his hand.

I was taken aback by his happy reply.

“I have never caught a person, but look at how God used me!”

This man was so elated.

The moral of the story?

God never looks at age; He looks at a willing and hungry heart.

How magnificent is God!

How great of a mood He is in!

How funny is His atypical humor!

This man began a new facet of ministry at a suitable age of ninety.

For God, it’s never too late to start.

The benefits of Jose and Mary @ your ministry?

  • Training you to be “cutting edge” and “out of the box.”
  •  Holy Spirit Innovation, Strategizing, Implementing, Problem Solving!
  • Exegetical “tailor made for your ministry” Bible seminars!
  • Apostolic, prophetic, pastoral consultation!
  • Signs and Wonders Meetings!



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