Im Announcing My First eBook!

I am excited to announce my first eBook!

Jesus Christ has spoken to me about writing short and simple books on the “How To’s” of the Adventurous Christian Living”

I pray to have it out by May.

“The Ten Steps of How to Live in The Holy Spirit?”

  1. What Does it Mean to Live in the Holy Spirit?
  2. What is a Spiritual Versus a Soulish Person?
  3. Why Is the Revelation of Christ the Most Important Thing?
  4. How Do I Reveal Christ?
  5. What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
  6. How Do I Credit  God’s Inheritance By Faith?
  7. How Does God Speak to Me?
  8. What is the Rhema Word?
  9. What Is the Logos Word?
  10. Why Is The Renewing of the Mind So Important?

The benefits of Jose and Mary @ your ministry?

  • Training you to be “cutting edge” and entrepreneurial for God’s kingdom!
  •  Exegetical “tailor made for your ministry” Bible seminars!
  • Apostolic, prophetic, pastoral consultation!
  • Signs and Wonders Meetings!



Phone: 305.299.0633

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