Why Did God Give Us The Star of Bethlehem?

Our journey of faith through the book that my wife Mary wrote is on Amazon!

“As we drove west to Santo Domingo Pueblo, New Mexico, Mama and Daddy observed that the comet Hale‐Bopp was always in front of us. It comforted them, as it reminded them of the Star of Bethlehem.”

  • Please check it out.


Invite Jose and Mary to your meeting!

  • Training you to be “cutting edge” and entrepreneurial for God’s kingdom!
  •  Exegetical “tailor made for your ministry” Bible seminars!
  • Motivational speakers
  • Apostolic, prophetic, pastoral consultation!
  • Signs and Wonders Meetings!

Web: http://emergingusa.com

Mail: emergingusa@gmail.com

Phone: 305.299.0633


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