Twenty Slightly Longer Tweets Which Will Change You

Christ lives in the timeless immediacy of the continual now.

The only solution to our economic fiasco is listening and doing what God instructs us to do. It’s so easy that people will not do it.

The loving discipline that God wants to guide the USA with is now being exercised by the govt in a much harsher way because we reject Him

When a nation gives up its beliefs to accommodate another’s, you know that revival is needed.

Christ on the cross, welcomed and embraced our sicknesses upon His body, and yet we are antagonistic to Him. Human nature, fallen as it is!

Not forgiving is to hold, retain and suppress the evil upon ourselves and others. Bitterness is the byproduct of retaining the evil.

Christians are mistaken in trying to dilute the gospel to make it culturally relevant. The words penned in the Bible describe the ultimate standard of perfection for cutting edge Christians. This generation wants to be challenged to achieve its best. I refuse to dilute the gospel to draw people to it.

Today I heard that the theory that printing up of money will stimulate our economy, is like believing that a thermometer will raise the temperature of its surroundings.

“History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it.” Winston Churchill

God honors faith immeasurably more than need.

People are naturally “clique or clan” animals. They’ll spend their lives in the same circles of families and friends. If one wants to be an effective vessel for Jesus one must break out of his territorial gardens and cross pollinate with all sorts of new and unknown people.

God will sacrifice many things in your life and take you through years of varied trials, if need be, to form and reveal Christ in you. We worry about our flesh, but the flesh is secondary to Him. He focuses about revealing His Son through you, and will sacrifice many fleshly things to see that happen. So don’t despair if you are obeying Him.

Seeing is the root of existence. What exists you see, and what is seen becomes existence. If you see through your eyes you are limited to working with what you see. Be transformed until you see with God’s eyes. Suddenly your existence has no limits and no impossibilities.

Why don’t you give something away instead of charging for it? We are in the midst of a social revolution, and that is what people want, to be social, to relate, and to connect. What better way to be social than to give rather than trying to get? Notice how social Jesus was! In your ministry always ask God, “What I can freely give away that will bless others? The days of expensive marketing are over. Marketing is virtually free and is based on relationships, on sharing yourself and sharing it with others. Go for it!

“Schedule time for thinking & creating. It’s too easy to get caught up on things that keep me busy, & that detracts from the value I create.” Tim Kastelle

Bringing in the New Year with chili, cheese cake, and Willy Wonka

Jade Galasso taught at church yesterday. She said, and I paraphrase her. If when you meet someone you constantly struggle to the point of guilt and fear with, “do I tell them or not about Jesus, do I pray for them or not?” This is a sign that you don’t know what your place is in Christ. I need to process what she said, but there are some deep truths to this.

How will I allow God to touch the culture through me in authentic ways, not compromising or sweetening the gospel, and yet without the religiosity or churchiness that many find so unappealing? What is His is vision, His strategy that I must implement daily?

We must take out time, hopefully daily, to think and dream with God. He is the master entrepreneur and is full of ideas on how to touch humanity in innovative ways with his Love. Our intellect in Christ is a huge commodity. We have allowed social media to deceive us and rob us from thinking and creating with our God given minds. We must fight to think like God thinks.

Many today are parking their car on the issues of identities. God loves me just the way I am. God accepts me just as I am. God forgives me in spite of my sins. People identify with God on the subject of rights or issues.

Yes, God loves and accepts us. But if we stop here we’ve missed the highest purpose of God. That is, freedom. To be as free as God is, is the greatest happiness. How free is someone who is sinless and pure love, or who has no corruption or darkness inside of Him?

Have I seen anyone who is nearly as free as God? No. Am I? No.

What does that freedom look like? I’ve tasted smidges of it. Nothing compares to it! So don’t stop on the issue of acceptance. That’s a done deal. That is old school. Strive to be as free and filled with light as God Himself, and that can only be brought to you by the God man, Christ Jesus, who paid by His own blood to allow mankind to be transformed into the freedom which God is, and has.


Miami, 02/28/2014


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